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This article is about the race course from Mario Kart 7. For other race tracks with similar names, see Mario Circuit.
Mario Circuit
Mario Circuit
Appears in Mario Kart 7 (2011)
Mario Kart Tour (2019)
Cup(s) Flower Cup (7)
Staff Ghost 2:25.001 by Nin★Miki★
(Mario with the Standard Kart, Standard tires, and Super Glider)
Expert Staff Ghost 2:10.018 by Nin★raba
(Mario with the B Dasher, Slick tires, and Super Glider)
Online play Available (3DS)
Music sample
Mario Kart 7 / Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart 7 (frontrunning)

Course map
Mario Kart 7
Mario Circuit bottom screen mapMario Circuit
Mario Kart Tour
Map of 3DS Mario Circuit from Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Circuit is the second course of the Flower Cup in Mario Kart 7. It is strongly based off the Mario Kart DS version of the track. Unlike other Mario Circuit tracks, where Peach's Castle is a background element, this course allows players to drive through the castle. This rendition of Mario Circuit returns in Mario Kart Tour, where it appears in tours starting with the Tokyo Tour. This track shares its music with Toad Circuit.

This is the only Flower Cup course in Mario Kart 7 to not have a different name in British English versions.

Course layout[edit]

Mario driving in front of Peach's Castle in a pre-release screenshot of Mario Kart 7. Note the lack of ramps.

The track takes place on a large grassy field with sand roads, floating Brick Blocks, a Mushroom Trampoline, pipes, blossoming peach trees, a lake, and Peach's Castle. The course begins with a small, straightforward path with two turns, after which pink flower petals begin falling out of the trees on a long bend to the left. Activating the 3D effect of the Nintendo 3DS gives the effect of the petals popping out of the screen. After a ramp, the racers bounce off a Mushroom Trampoline into a curvy section leading towards Peach's Castle, which they then enter. After a spiral upwards, a Glide Ramp launches the drivers out of the castle into an area where pipes blow out wind (allowing for Tricks to be performed) and Goombas appear. Following this is a very large pipe, not unlike the one found in Mario Raceway, which drivers must curve through to reach the finish line after one small bump in the road.

There are a number of shortcuts available in this track. Between the first and second turns, drivers may use Mushrooms to use a ramp in the middle of the grass. Mushrooms can also be used to cut grass on the corner before the Mushroom Trampolines. There are two additional ramps in front of Peach's Castle. There is yet another ramp to the left when the racers exit the castle, and a rail to the left along the pipe, both of which save some time.

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

The course icon with Peachette in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Circuit returns in Mario Kart Tour, starting with the Tokyo Tour. The course has undergone minor changes. Peach's Castle has been redesigned, with the entrance to the castle now having doors leading into the spiral upwards. The starting line has a new look that resembles a garden gate. Like all other courses, it has a reverse, trick, and reverse/trick variant, known as Mario Circuit R, Mario Circuit T, and Mario Circuit R/T respectively. The reverse and trick variant was introduced in the 2019 Winter Tour. This course is a favorite of Red Koopa (Freerunning), Pink Yoshi, Peachette, Peach (Kimono), Mario (Happi), Baby Peach (Cherub), Mario (Racing), Mario (Baseball), Rosalina (Volendam), Dr. Peach, Toadette (Sailor), Mario (King), and the Goomba Mii Racing Suit. It is also a favorite of Pink Gold Peach if she reaches level 3, and Peach (Vacation) if she reaches level 6.

For this course's tour appearances, see List of 3DS Mario Circuit tour appearances in Mario Kart Tour.


Mario Kart 7[edit]

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

Course icons[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオサーキット
Mario Sākitto
Mario Circuit
Chinese 马力欧赛道 (Simplified)
瑪利歐賽道 (Traditional)
Mǎlìōu Sàidào
Mario Speedway
Dutch Mario's Circuit Mario's Circuit
French Circuit Mario Mario Circuit
German Marios Piste Mario´s Track
Italian Circuito di Mario Mario's Circuit
Portuguese (NOA) Circuito Mario Mario Circuit
Portuguese (NOE) Circuito do Mario Mario's Circuit
Spanish Circuito Mario Mario Circuit


  • In an early trailer of Mario Kart 7, when Mario Circuit was shown, there was originally a Mushroom Trampoline in the pit which players normally glide over, due to gliders not having yet been implemented.
  • The blossoming peach trees in this track were later reused for N64 Royal Raceway in Mario Kart 8.