Magikoopa Mirage

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Magikoopa Mirage
MKLHC Magikoopa Mirage Course Icon.png
Appearance(s) Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Magikoopa Mirage is the first race of the Leaf Cup in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. This course features a purple aura tinting the screen. Coins may occasionally be found in certain portions of the track. Notably, whenever the player drives through the third gate, a Magikoopa, appears, using its magic to mirror the track, causing everything to appear as it would reflected, hence creating a mirage. This illusion continues until the same gate is passed through during the next lap. Fittingly, the icon for this course depicts a Magikoopa. This race reuses the music from Mario Kart 8's DS Tick-Tock Clock for its theme.


The gates in this race are stylized with modest stone bridges appearing above them.

  • Gate 1: No additional properties.
  • Gate 2: Features two Boosts.
  • Gate 3: Features a line of magic. Whenever this gate is passed through each lap, a Magikoopa appears and uses its magic to mirror the screen until this gate is passed through the following lap, at which point it uses its magic to reverse it. During this time, the text on the gates and Lakitu's sign appears backwards as well.
  • Gate 4: Features Item Boxes.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Mirage Kamek Kamek Mirage