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Yoshi driving towards three spring eggs on the Yoshi's Island course
Yoshi driving near three spring eggs on the Yoshi's Island course

Spring eggs[1] appear in Mario Kart Tour as interactable course elements. They were added to some courses exclusively during the 2023 Yoshi Tour. They come in two sizes, with small spring eggs being scattered on the tracks themselves, and big spring eggs being found on the sidelines. As with Jack-o'-lanterns, players can drive into a spring egg or hit it with an item to obtain bonus points as well as an event token; when hit, small ones are knocked away and the action is displayed on-screen as "Hippity!", while big ones make a brief bobbing motion in place and the interaction is displayed as "Hoppity!" Spring eggs can have either of three designs: some are blue with a Super Star pattern, some are pink with flower motifs, and some are green with flower and bunny motifs.

Spring eggs appear on the following courses:

Small spring eggs may not initially appear on courses, a phenomenon which can be remedied by clearing the Mario Kart Tour app's cache.[2] The procedure only affects the device where it was performed; if the issue is present across multiple devices on which the player uses the app, they need to clear the app's cache on each device separately.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イースターエッグ
Īsutā eggu
Easter egg

Chinese (simplified) 复活节彩蛋
Fùhuó jié cǎidàn
Easter egg

Chinese (traditional) 復活節蛋
Fùhuó jié dàn
Easter egg

French Œuf coloré
Colored egg
German Frühlingseiern
Spring eggs
Italian Uovo decorato
Decorated egg
Korean 이스터에그
Iseuteo egeu
Easter egg

Portuguese Ovo de primavera
Spring egg
Spanish Huevo primaveral
Spring egg


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    "Spring eggs appear!
    "Some courses in the Yoshi Tour have been decorated with spring eggs.
    "Sending spring eggs flying can get you event tokens, which can be exchanged for items in the Token Shop. Look for spring eggs with all sorts of patterns on them, and collect event tokens!"
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    "We have confirmed that on some courses where spring eggs are installed, small spring eggs may not appear in the course.
    "We would like to ask you to try the following procedure as clearing the cache of the app may improve the situation.
    "Please note that a redownload of about 800MB will occur if the cache is cleared.
    1) Terminate the task while the application is loading at startup, and forcibly close the application
    2) Restart the application
    3) If the screen shows 'The game crashed...', select [If the game won't start] > [Clear Cache and Repair]
    4) At the [EULA and Privacy Policy] screen, select [ Agree ]