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Monarch Kart
The Monarch Kart from Mario Kart Tour
The Monarch Kart in Mario Kart Tour
Appears in Mario Kart Tour

The Monarch Kart is a High-End kart in Mario Kart Tour that was introduced in the 2023 Anniversary Tour, and became the signature kart of Mario (King). It is a red and gold kart that is based on Mario (King)'s crown, with lanterns on each side, and the emblem is located on the front and back of the kart. It uses a new set of tires with the spokes looking like the bottom of a crown with a blue jewel in the middle. The Monarch Kart increases the duration of Dash Panel speed boosts and the number of points awarded for using a Dash Panel.

The Monarch Kart has a golden variant, the Gold Monarch Kart, which debuted alongside it in the 2023 Anniversary Tour and is also classified as a High-End kart. The two vehicles were among the final karts added to Mario Kart Tour.


  • Spotlight Shop description:
    • English:
      With a gorgeous crown design, the Monarch Kart is here!
      Shoot for the finish line with the Dash Panel Plus special skill![1]
    • Japanese:
      スペシャルスキルのダッシュプレートプラスで ゴールを目指そう![2]
    • Simplified Chinese:
      使用特殊技能“冲刺板 提升”,向着终点奔驰吧![3]
    • Traditional Chinese:
      使用特殊技能衝刺板 強化以終點為目標吧![4]
    • French:
      Défilez sur les circuits avec un air royal au volant du Véhicouronne !
      Ruez-vous vers l'arrivée avec la spécialité plaque d'accélération + ![5]
    • German:
      Ein prächtiges Kronen-Design: Die Kronenkutsche ist da!
      Düse auf die Ziellinie zu mit der Spezialausstattung Turbofeld+![6]
    • Italian:
      Salta sulla Regalia per correre come se fossi sua maestà!
      Taglia il traguardo grazie alla sua abilità speciale pannello scatto plus![7]
    • Korean:
      화려한 왕관 형태의 머신인 킹크라운이 등장!
      스페셜 스킬인 대시 플레이트 플러스로 골인하자![8]
    • Portuguese:
      A Carroa chega às pistas no formato de uma coroa!
      Acelere até a linha de chegada com a característica especial painel turbo+![9]
    • Spanish:
      ¡Aquí está el Vehicorona, la auténtica joya de la corona!
      ¡Llega a la meta antes que nadie con su característica especial, el panel turbo +![10][11]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キングクラウン
Kingu Kuraun
King Crown
Chinese (Simplified) 国王王冠
Guówáng Wángguàn
King Crown
Chinese (Traditional) 國王王冠
Guówáng Wángguàn
King Crown
French Véhicouronne From véhicule ("vehicle") and couronne ("crown")
German Kronenkutsche Crown Carriage
Italian Regalìa
Korean 킹크라운
King Keuraun
King Crown
Portuguese Carroa From carro ("car") and coroa ("crown")
Spanish Vehicorona From vehículo ("vehicle") and corona ("crown")