Crimson Hop Rod

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Crimson Hop Rod
MKT Icon CrimsonHopRod.png
The Crimson Hop Rod in Mario Kart Tour
Strong stats
Weak stats
Appearances Mario Kart Tour

The Crimson Hop Rod is a High-End kart in Mario Kart Tour. Introduced in the Ninja Tour, it is a red variant of the Jade Hop Rod with yellow stripes, white lips, a black underside, and green striped exhaust pipes. Unlike the Jade Hop Rod, it uses the Wild Black's tires. Also unlike the Jade Hop Rod, this kart increases the duration of Dash Panel speed boosts and the number of bonus points awarded for using Dash Panels.


The Crimson Hop Rod has not appeared in any pipes and is currently not available in the Daily Selects.

Tour Availability
Ninja Tour Celebrating the Ninja Tour! It's the Crimson Hop Rod!
April 7, 2021 -
April 20, 2021


Special skill MKT Icon Dash Panel.png Dash Panel Plus
Favorite courses
(Bonus points ×2)
MKT Icon Ninja Hideaway T.png
Ninja Hideaway T
MKT Icon Neo Bowser City.png
3DS Neo Bowser City
MKT Icon Choco Island 2R.png
SNES Choco Island 2R
MKT Icon RMX Rainbow Road 2.png
RMX Rainbow Road 2
MKT Icon Koopa Troopa Beach 2.png
SNES Koopa Troopa Beach 2
Favored courses
(Bonus points ×1.5)
MKT Icon Neo Bowser City R.png
3DS Neo Bowser City R*
MKT Icon Choco Island 2T.png
SNES Choco Island 2T
MKT Icon RMX Rainbow Road 2T.png
RMX Rainbow Road 2T**
MKT Icon Ninja Hideaway R.png
Ninja Hideaway R*
MKT Icon Donut Plains 2.png
SNES Donut Plains 2**

* indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 3. ** indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 6.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Rot-Kabuki-Kröte Red Kabuki Toad
Italian Carburospo cremisi From Carburospo di giada (Jade Hop Rod) and cremisi (crimson)