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A remix course[1] is a type of course introduced in Mario Kart Tour that borrows features from a specific classic course and incorporates them around a new track layout. The names of these courses have an "RMX" designation followed by the name of the course that serves as their basis.

The following are the remix courses that have appeared thus far in the game, sorted by the course(s) they are based on.

Basis Course
SNES Mario Circuit MKT Icon RMX Mario Circuit 1.png
RMX Mario Circuit 1
SNES Choco Island MKT Icon RMX Choco Island 1.png
RMX Choco Island 1
MKT Icon RMX Choco Island 2.png
RMX Choco Island 2
SNES Rainbow Road MKT Icon RMX Rainbow Road 1.png
RMX Rainbow Road 1
MKT Icon RMX Rainbow Road 2.png
RMX Rainbow Road 2


  1. ^ remix internal name of the folder containing the data about the newly introduced courses in Mario Kart Tour