Royal Flush

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Royal Flush
The Royal Flush from Mario Kart Tour
The Royal Flush glider in Mario Kart Tour
Appears in Mario Kart Tour

The Royal Flush is a High-End glider in Mario Kart Tour that debuted in the 2023 Anniversary Tour. As the name suggests, it is a glider that consists of five playing cards (10, jack, queen, king, and ace) that make up a royal flush, a rare poker hand. Each card is of the Spade suit from the line of French-suited cards, with the jack, queen, and king cards showing Luigi, Peach, and Mario on them, respectively. The appearance of the cards themselves are from the Mario Playing Cards "Standard" deck. The Royal Flush increases the chance of obtaining Bullet Bills from Item Boxes as well as the number of points earned by ramming drivers while under the effects of a Bullet Bill.


  • Spotlight Shop description:
    • English:
      Time to turn your luck around! The Royal Flush glider is here!
      Make an astonishing comeback with its Bullet Bill Plus special skill![1]
    • Japanese:
      最高の運で一発逆転!トップを狙う ロイヤルフラッシュが登場!
    • Simplified Chinese:
      使用特殊技能“炮弹刺客 提升”,争取逆转形势![3]
    • Traditional Chinese:
      使用特殊技能炮彈刺客 強化以盛大逆轉為目標吧![4]
    • French:
      Misez tout avec la Quinte flush royale !
      Faites une remontée fulgurante avec sa spécialité Bill Balle + ![5]
    • German:
      Es ist Zeit, dein Glück zu wenden! Der Royal-Flush-Gleitschirm ist da!
      Feiere ein erstaunliches Comeback mit seiner Spezialausstattung Kugelwilli+![6]
    • Italian:
      Se cerchi di cambiare le carte in tavola... il Parapendio scala reale è qui per te!
      Recupera alla grande con la sua abilità speciale Pallottolo Bill plus![7]
    • Korean:
      최고의 운으로 한 방에 역전! 승자의 자리를 노리는 로열플러시가 등장!
      스페셜 스킬인 킬러 플러스로 대역전을 노리자![8]
    • Portuguese:
      Você está com sorte! Chegou a Sequência Real!
      Deixe todo mundo para trás com a característica especial Bill Bala+![9]
    • Spanish (Latin America):
      ¡Pon tu mejor cara de póker! ¡Llega la Escalera Real!
      ¡Deja a todos los rivales atrás con el Bill bala +, su característica especial![10]
    • Spanish (Europe):
      ¡Pon tu mejor cara de póker! ¡Llega la Escalera Real!
      ¡Deja a todos los rivales atrás con el Bill Bala +, su característica especial![11]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロイヤルフラッシュ
Roiyaru Furasshu
Royal Flush
Chinese (Simplified) 皇家同花顺
Huángjiā Tónghuāshùn
Royal Flush
Chinese (Traditional) 皇家同花順
Huángjiā Tónghuāshùn
Royal Flush
French Quinte flush royale Royal Flush
German Royal-Flush-Gleitschirm Royal Flush Paraglider
Italian Parapendio scala reale Royal Flush Paraglider
Korean 로열플러시
Loyeol Peulleosi
Royal Flush
Portuguese Sequência Real Royal Flush
Spanish Escalera Real Royal Flush