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Sushi Racer
MKT Icon SushiRacer.png
The Sushi Racer in Mario Kart Tour
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Appearances Mario Kart Tour

The Sushi Racer is a High-End kart in Mario Kart Tour. It was introduced in the Los Angeles Tour and became the signature kart of Penguin Luigi, Luigi (Classic) and Builder Luigi in the Berlin Tour. As its name shows, the kart resembles a Sushi. It uses blue versions of the Metal tires from Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The emblem is located on the front of the kart and both sides near the exhaust pipes. The Sushi Racer provides longer slipstreams and increases the points earned for performing one.

This kart has a variant called the Pirate Sushi Racer, which debuted in the Pirate Tour and is also classified as a High-End kart. This makes the Sushi Racer one of three karts introduced after their variants were introduced, the others being the Prancer, which was introduced after the Gilded Prancer, and the Cucumber, which was introduced after the Dasher II. However, it is the only kart out of the three to debut in the same game as its variant.


Since its debut in the Los Angeles Tour, the Sushi Racer has appeared in the First Pipe and Second Pipe of every tour. However, it is not currently a part of the Daily Selects set. The following table shows the kart's other availabilities by tour.

Tour Availability
Los Angeles Tour Beachside Pipe
Berlin Tour Berlin Pipe 2


Special skill MKT Icon Slipstream.png Slipstream Plus
Favorite courses
(Bonus points ×2)
MKT Icon 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon RT.png
3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon R/T
MKT Icon Vanilla Lake 1T.png
SNES Vanilla Lake 1T
MKT Icon Koopa Troopa Beach RT.png
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach R/T
MKT Icon Los Angeles Laps.png
Los Angeles Laps
MKT Icon Los Angeles Laps RT.png
Los Angeles Laps R/T
MKT Icon Vancouver Velocity.png
Vancouver Velocity
MKT Icon Vancouver Velocity RT.png
Vancouver Velocity R/T
MKT Icon Airship Fortress T.png
DS Airship Fortress T
MKT Icon Frappe Snowland T.png
N64 Frappe Snowland T
MKT Icon Merry Mountain R.png
Merry Mountain R
MKT Icon Rosalina's Ice World R.png
3DS Rosalina's Ice World R
MKT Icon Koopa Troopa Beach 2.png
SNES Koopa Troopa Beach 2
MKT Icon Berlin Byways 2R.png
Berlin Byways 2R
MKT Icon Berlin Byways 2T.png
Berlin Byways 2T
Favored courses
(Bonus points ×1.5)
MKT Icon Neo Bowser City RT.png
3DS Neo Bowser City R/T*
MKT Icon Vanilla Lake 1R.png
SNES Vanilla Lake 1R*
MKT Icon Los Angeles Laps R.png
Los Angeles Laps R
MKT Icon Los Angeles Laps T.png
Los Angeles Laps T
MKT Icon Vancouver Velocity T.png
Vancouver Velocity T
MKT Icon Vancouver Velocity R.png
Vancouver Velocity R
MKT Icon Airship Fortress R.png
DS Airship Fortress R
MKT Icon Frappe Snowland.png
N64 Frappe Snowland**
MKT Icon Choco Island 2.png
SNES Choco Island 2**
MKT Icon Merry Mountain T.png
Merry Mountain T
MKT Icon Rosalina's Ice World.png
3DS Rosalina's Ice World
MKT Icon Koopa Troopa Beach 2T.png
SNES Koopa Troopa Beach 2T
MKT Icon RMX Choco Island 2T.png
RMX Choco Island 2T

* indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 3. ** indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 6.

  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: "Sushi from Super Mario 64 is here as a kart! This kart will be featured alongside other beach-themed karts and gliders in the Beachside Pipe, which is available for a limited time from Sept. 26, 11 PM PT, to Oct. 1, 10:59 PM PT."[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホージロー
German Hainz-Heizer Sushi-Heater
Italian Turbosushi Turbo Sushi
Portuguese Sushiturbo Turbo Sushi
Chinese (Traditional) 大白鯊
Dà bái shā
Big White Shark


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