Gallery:Mario Kart Tour race course icons (original courses)

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This gallery pertains to the course icons of new race courses in Mario Kart Tour. For a list of pages containing collections of other course icons from this game, see Gallery:Mario Kart Tour course icons.



New York Minute[edit]

New York Minute 2[edit]

New York Minute 3[edit]

New York Minute 4[edit]

Tokyo Blur[edit]

Tokyo Blur 2[edit]

Tokyo Blur 3[edit]

Tokyo Blur 4[edit]

Paris Promenade[edit]

Paris Promenade 2[edit]

Paris Promenade 3[edit]

London Loop[edit]

London Loop 2[edit]

London Loop 3[edit]

Vancouver Velocity[edit]

Vancouver Velocity 2[edit]

Vancouver Velocity 3[edit]

Los Angeles Laps[edit]

Los Angeles Laps 2[edit]

Los Angeles Laps 3[edit]

Merry Mountain[edit]

Berlin Byways[edit]

Berlin Byways 2[edit]

Berlin Byways 3[edit]

Ninja Hideaway[edit]

Sydney Sprint[edit]

Sydney Sprint 2[edit]

Sydney Sprint 3[edit]

Singapore Speedway[edit]

Singapore Speedway 2[edit]

Singapore Speedway 3[edit]

Amsterdam Drift[edit]

Amsterdam Drift 2[edit]

Amsterdam Drift 3[edit]

Bangkok Rush[edit]

Bangkok Rush 2[edit]

Bangkok Rush 3[edit]

Sky-High Sundae[edit]

Piranha Plant Cove[edit]

Piranha Plant Cove 2[edit]

Piranha Plant Cove 3[edit]

Yoshi's Island[edit]

Athens Dash[edit]

Athens Dash 2[edit]

Athens Dash 3[edit]

Rome Avanti[edit]

Rome Avanti 2[edit]

Rome Avanti 3[edit]

Piranha Plant Pipeline[edit]

Squeaky Clean Sprint[edit]

Madrid Drive[edit]

Madrid Drive 2[edit]

Madrid Drive 3[edit]