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“Even the trees have gotten into the holiday spirit. Just look at 'em!”
Lakitu, Mario Kart Tour News Vol. 3: Where did Lakitu go?[1]
Festive trees on DS DK Pass in Mario Kart Tour
Two festive trees in DS DK Pass

Festive trees are course elements in Mario Kart Tour. They are exclusively featured in tours that lead up to or occur around the holiday season. Festive trees are planted inside pipes and are decorated with red ribbons, lights, tinsels of various colors and a Super Star-like crown on top. When a driver gets near a festive tree, they can hear sleigh bells. Festive trees give bonus points when hit with an offensive item (such as any type of shell, a Banana or a Bob-omb) or when driven into while invincible or Mega, with the action being displayed as "Happy Holidays!" Starting with the 2020 Winter Tour, they also give drivers an event token when hit.

Festive trees have appeared in the following tours:

Festive tree locations[edit]

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Mario Kart Tour[edit]

  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: Festive trees will sprout up during the holiday season in #MarioKartTour! Their sparkling decorations really brighten the place up, especially with those stars up top! Enjoy the sights, but keep your eyes on the road![2]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリスマスツリー[3]
Kurisumasu tsurī
Christmas Tree
Chinese (Simplified) 圣诞树
Shèngdàn Shù
Christmas Tree
Chinese (Traditional) 聖誕樹
Shèngdàn Shù
Christmas Tree
Italian Albero festivo Festive tree
Spanish Árbol festivo Festive tree



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