Festive tree

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Two festive trees in DS DK Pass

Festive trees[1] are objects which appear in Mario Kart Tour. They appear in every course in the Winter Tour and London Tour, in either in the background or on the track. They are planted inside pipe-shaped pots and are decorated with red ribbons, lights, tinsels of various colors and a Super Star-like crown on top. When a driver gets near a festive tree, they can hear sleigh bells. Festive trees shake and give bonus points when hit with a type of shell or a Bob-omb, with the action being displayed as "Happy Holidays!"

Festive tree locations[edit]

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Festive trees of a particular course are located in the same positions regardless of the course's variant (normal, trick or reverse).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリスマスツリー[2]
Kurisumasu tsurī
Christmas tree