Barrel Bomb

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Barrel Bomb
MKT Bowser Barrels.png
An explosive barrel that can take out Goombas

First appearance

Mario Kart Tour (2019)
Barrel Bombs on GBA Bowser's Castle 2

Barrel Bombs[1] are objects that often appear in Goomba Takedown challenges in Mario Kart Tour. They are red explosive barrels with spiky hoops and Bowser's emblem depicted on the outer edge. Some of them are found on the ground, while others float in mid-air via propellers. If a driver runs into a Barrel Bomb or throws a Bob-omb at it, the barrel will explode, instantly defeating any Goombas in the vicinity of the original location of the explosion. However, the explosion can also cause drivers to spin out.

The Hammer Bro Tour introduces Barrel Bombs into regular races as an obstacle found in GBA Bowser's Castle 2. Their explosions can crash racers and grant bonus points under their name if hit with an offensive item.