Take them out quick!

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“Take them out quick!”
In-game tagline

Take them out quick! is a bonus challenge in Mario Kart Tour that was introduced in the 2020 Winter Tour. In this bonus challenge, the player chases down a Mega opponent and has to hit them with offensive items to take out all 7 of their balloons within a time limit. The course on which the bonus challenge is set features one-item Item Boxes or Frenzy Item Boxes which provide the player's driver with specific items. After a few hits, the opponent turns around to face the player (while driving in the same direction as before) and responds to the player's attacks with items of their own, taking out one of their balloons with each successful hit. The player starts out with two balloons, and if both are taken out by the Mega opponent, they fail the challenge. The player can earn up to three Grand Stars from this bonus challenge by clearing it with a certain amount of time left.

There has only been one "Take them out quick!" bonus challenge released so far.


Thumbnail Course Chosen driver information Item Box type(s) found Opponent information Starting time Grand Star times Tour appearances
Driver Kart Glider Driver Kart Glider Items used
The icon of the Metal Mario Cup challenge from the 2020 Winter Tour in Mario Kart Tour
Frappe Snowland Black Shy Guy from Mario Kart Tour
Black Shy Guy
Pipe Frame from Mario Kart Tour
Pipe Frame
Super Glider from Mario Kart Tour
Super Glider
Bob-omb Cannon from Mario Kart Tour
Bob-omb Cannon

Mario Kart Tour Bob-omb Frenzy Item Box, Valentine's Tour, Toad Cup, Goomba Takedown challenge
(Bob-omb Cannon)
MKT Icon Bowser.png
Landship from Mario Kart Tour
TBD Banana from Mario Kart Tour.

Giant Banana from Mario Kart Tour.
Giant Banana
  • 0:00.00
  • 0:05.00
  • 0:10.00
Winter Tour (2020)

In-game information[edit]

  • Use items to pop your mega-sized opponents' balloons!
  • Be careful if your mega-sized opponent faces your way!
  • Pop all of your mega-sized opponents' balloons within the time limit to win!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 時間内にたおせ!
Jikannai Ni Taose!
Take them out in time!
Italian Travolgimento rapido
Spanish (NOA) ¡Elimínalos rápido! Eliminate them quick!

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