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The Turbo Ski

The Turbo Ski, also spelled Turbo-Ski[1], is one of four vehicles that Funky Kong leases in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It is a step up from the Hover Craft, for not only is it faster, but it can travel up waterfalls, in addition to driving over rocks.

Funky would like to build the Turbo Ski for Dixie and Kiddy Kong, but he is lacking two crucial pieces: the skis themselves. If the Kongs manage to defeat Squirt in Cotton Top Cove and KAOS in Mekanos, the bosses will each drop a ski when defeated. When the Kongs manage to defeat both bosses and collect both skis, they can take them to Funky, who will use them to build his Turbo ski.

To travel up a waterfall, the player must hold the Y Button button (or B Button button in the remake). The Turbo Ski allows the Kongs to travel to nearly every other world, including K3, Kaos Kore, and a secret cave, "Undercover Cove".

While the Turbo Ski can travel almost anywhere, it is incapable of flight, which is needed to reach several secret caves. However, if the Kongs can collect and present all forty-one DK Coins to Funky Kong, he will build the Gyrocopter for them, which can fly anywhere in the Northern Kremisphere.

In the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 3, the Turbo Ski is used in the Race minigame of Funky's Rentals, featuring Dixie and Kiddy racing against several Kremlings.


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