Krevice Kreepers

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Krevice Kreepers
Krevice Kreepers.png
World-Level 5 - 1
World K3
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Music Rockface Rumble
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Krevice Kreepers is the twenty-first level in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! It is also the first area of K3 and the first cliff-themed level in the game.

During this cliff level, the Kongs will meet many Klasps, who will patrol the area around them. As the monkeys hop up the level's countless ropes, they will find these explosive enemies moving in their tracks. Therefore, if the two heroes can not move along the tightropes fast enough, they will have to chance in passing the Klasps. Other than Klasps, Krevice Kreepers includes the common enemies, Sneeks, Buzzes, and a single Knocka.

Level layout[edit]

GBA version of the level

When the level begins, the Kongs will walk along a rugged pathway and grab onto a rope. They should climb up the ropes above it to find the letter K, as well as a high part of the mountain. Jumping to higher areas with more tightropes to the right, they will soon walk down a platform with a trail of bananas leading to a long tightrope. They should get on the rope and climb to the right, making their way onto some small, wooden platforms. Hopping upwards, they will pass a few enemies on the rigid landscape and climb up a few more horizontal tightropes. Eventually, the animals will head up a slanted pathway to the left and clamber up some more tightropes, finding a group of Klasps moving towards them. The monkeys will need to dodge them all an travel to the end of a vertical rope. After hopping to a horizontal rope to the right, the heroes will head over to another vertical rope, as well as the letter O. Making their way to the top of the area, they will notice a curved trail of bananas leading to a set of small, horizontal tightropes. They should jump to each tightrope, avoiding some Klasps, and soon land on a wooden platform with a Star Barrel on it.

About halfway into the level, the monkeys will continue to scale the mountain and find an Auto Fire Barrel. The barrel will shoot them to a horizontal rope, which they should climb to the left on, dodging a lone Klasp. After doing so, they will find a few more wooden platforms to climb up. Following the platforms will be a set of tightropes, each one infested by a Klasp. The heroes will eventually hop up to a second Auto Fire Barrel, which will shoot them onto more tightropes. The apes should clamber up the Klasp-covered ropes and soon find a third Auto Fire Barrel. This barrel will shoot them to a long, horizontal rope. If the apes climb to the right on the rope, they will find a set of more ropes below them. Dropping down onto the ropes, they will need to climb across the bottom rope to find another set of ropes above them. Once Kiddy Kong and Dixie Kong make their way up these ropes, they will travel up a vertical rope to find another horizontal rope. The rope will lead them to the next set of ropes, which the monkeys should climb to find a higher area of the level. There, they will find an Auto Fire Barrel on a cliff side. It will fire them to another long tightrope. If the heroes climb to the left on the rope, they will need to use a long, wooden platform to reach yet another set of ropes. If they jump upwards from all these ropes, they will soon find a pathway to the next group of ropes. This time, they will have to head downwards on the ropes, until they grab the letter G and fall to the ground. There, they will find a flagpole, and once they raise its flag, the level will end.



DK Coin[edit]

Getting the DK Coin
  • Shortly after the letter O, the heroes will find a pathway leading to a Steel Barrel. Nearby, the Kongs will find a Koin with the DK Coin on a large platform in the center of the area. The Steel Barrel can knock out the foe if the Kongs throw it at the right end of the platform and run to the left. While the barrel rolls down the platform, the Koin will aim his shield towards the Kongs running to the left below him. Therefore, the barrel will hit him in opposite side, defeating him. This will grant Dixie and Kiddy with the level's DK Coin. Alternatively the player may use Dixie Kong, take a barrel and walk underneath Koin as far as possible, without causing him to turn around. It is possible to jump slightly to the left and take him out directly, again without having him turning around.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: In between the first two tightropes of the level.
  • O: Found above a tightrope while progressing through the level normally.
  • N: East of an Arrow Barrel above some Klasp.
  • G: A Klasp above the End of Level Flag guards the "G" Letter.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Location of the second Bonus Barrel
  • Shortly after the letter K, the heroes will grab onto a long tightrope with a long Klasp hanging on the left of it. The monkeys should lure the foe over to them, and then jump over the enemy, leaving a direct pathway to a Barrel Cannon. The barrel will blast them into a Bonus Barrel, which will lead the a Bonus Level. There, the heroes will move along a rope and collect many stars. Avoiding a lone Klasp on the rope and obtaining each star in thirty seconds will grant the Kongs with a Bonus Coin, found at the end of the stage.
  • From where the letter N is located, the Kongs should use their Team Up move and throw a monkey, preferably Dixie, onto the above ledge. If they manage to get up, they will find a Bonus Barrel to the right of a Knocka. It will lead them to a Bonus Level, where they will need to climb up a set of horizontal tightropes as fast as they can to dodge a few Klasps. At the top of the area, they will find a Bonus Coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クレバスを登れ
Kurebasu o nobore
Climb up the Crevices
Spanish Bichos de Grietas Rift Bugs
French Kordes des Krevasses Crevice Ropes
German Felsen-Fest Rock Steady
Italian Liane e Gincane