Kaos Kore

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Kaos Kore
KAOS Kore.png
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Levels 5
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“Well, once I got to the castle grounds I saw a sign which said 'Keep right off our land!', so I ran off!”
Bazaar, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Kaos Kore is the seventh (eighth in the GBA version) and final world (aside from Krematoa) in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

The world is both serene and ominous, with forests surrounding the area and a large lake in the center. One of the forests has conveyor belt-like vines. A network of underground caves is located under the area. The water of the area is polluted due to a network of chemical-transporting pipes in the area. Kastle Kaos is at the northernmost tip of the area, and it is where Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong fight the two bosses of the world, KAOS and his creator, Baron K. Roolenstein.

Baffle is the Brother Bear of Kaos Kore, and he appears in his own code room. Kaos Kore's secret cave is Sewer Stockpile, which is located in a caged-off pipe. The Kongs can open it by swimming in a figure 8 pattern around the two rocks south of it.

At Bazaar's General Store, Bazaar mentioned that he explored the area, but fled when he read a sign saying, "Keep right off our land!"


Level Description
Konveyor Rope Klash.png
Konveyor Rope Klash
The first jungle level. As the name suggests, it makes use of several Konveyor Ropes, which act as Conveyor Belts and function similar to tightropes.
Creepy Caverns
Creepy Caverns
A cave level featuring Boo Barrels, a type of Barrel exclusive to this level in this game.
Lightning Lookout.png
Lightning Lookout
This level takes place at the riverside at night during a thunderstorm. Lightning must be avoided along with the lakes it may strike. There are several methods for dodging or avoiding lightning strikes, including standing below Buzzes and Booty Birds, picking up barrels or yellow Knik-Knaks, and avoiding it altogether.
Koindozer Klamber
Koindozer Klamber
Another jungle level. Koindozers appear exclusively in this level, with the purpose of attempting to shove Dixie and Kiddy into nearby pits.
Poisonous Pipeline.png
Poisonous Pipeline
This level takes place within a polluted drainpipe. The pollution gives the water a purple hue, and affects Dixie and Kiddy by reversing the controls on the control pad.
Dixie Kong in the boss fight with KAOS at Kastle Kaos in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Boss level: Kastle Kaos
In this level, the Kongs must fight both KAOS and Baron K. Roolenstein, the penultimate and final boss in the game, respectively.


Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble![edit]

  • Player's Guide (page 5): Kaos Castle and all it secrets lie in the shadowy heart of the Kaos Kore. An entire army of Kremlings guard the countryside surronding the foreboding fortress. Baffle Bear os working on deciphering a secret code-see if you can help him out.
  • Nintendo Power vol. 89 (page 37): Unless you believe those silly bears and their rumors about a Lost Wold, KAOS Kore is the last area in Donkey Kong Country 3. KAOS, the most meancing mechanical monster ever built, has surronded his secret complex with possible the roughest, primate-proof stretch of jungle, water and subterranean levels in video game history. Lool for more coverage in the months ahead.
  • Nintendo Power vol. 91 (page 61): Somewhere in the KAOS Kore lurks the most menacing mechanical monster in the history of Kong Country. The five levels leading to Kastle KAOS are some of the toughest stretches of terrain in the entire game. While there's not enough space to delve into each level's devious details, check out the brief strategic summaries listed below.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カオスの隠れ家
Kaosu no Kakurega
KAOS Hideout
French Korps KAOS KAOS Body
German Kaos -
Italian Kuor di Kaos KAOS Kore
Spanish Núkleo Kaos KAOS Kore