Baffle's Code Room

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Baffle's Code Room

Baffle's Code Room is the headquarters of Baffle in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It is located along the west side of KAOS Kore.

When Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong visit Baffle's Code Room, Baffle will explain to them that he is having trouble figuring out a code he's gotten a hold of. In order for Baffle to decipher the code, the Kongs must bring him the Mirror. With it, Baffle will be able to read the code, which, if followed, will lead the Kongs to Sewer Stockpile.


  • If a player already has prior knowledge of Baffle's secret, they can use this information without ever entering Baffle's Code Room and giving him the Mirror. The same logic can be applied to Blunder at Blunder's Booth.