Kroctopus Krush

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Kroctopus Krush
Kroctopus Krush DKC3 GBA.png
World-Level 6 - BOSS
World Razor Ridge
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Boss Kroctopus
Music Arich Boss
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Kroctopus Krush is the boss level of Razor Ridge in the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 3. It replaces Barbos's Barrier from the SNES version, which was moved to Pacifica. In this level, the Kongs must face Kroctopus, a boss exclusive to this version of the game.


Kroctopus can be injured by pinching a bomb.

The battlefield consists of three platforms and a small pool of green water. There is a platform on each side and one in the middle that's higher up than the other two. Below the platform on the right is an invisible Barrel Cannon that will launch the Kongs back up to the platform.

At the start of the battle, Kroctopus rises from the water and starts attacking with its claws. At first, there is a pattern. Kroctopus will aim for the middle platform, then left, then right. After that, Kroctopus will start targeting the Kongs. In order to damage Kroctopus, they must lure its claws into one of the bombs that drop from above. The Kongs themselves will not set off the bombs, but they will get hurt if caught in their explosions. If a bomb is left alone for too long, it will explode on its own, and a new one will drop down in its place. After being hit by three bombs, Kroctopus will sink and rise again, now having an orange tint. It will aim its claws at the left and right platforms, attacking each platform twice, then start targeting the Kongs again. Its attacks are now faster than before, and the bombs take less time to explode. Taking another three hits will cause Kroctopus to turn even more orange and start attacking with two claws at a time, with its middle claw always being one of them. Its attacks are also sped up and the bombs explode very quickly. Three more hits will take down Kroctopus.

Kroctopus drops a Bonus Coin upon being defeated. Returning to this stage after completing it and beating Kroctopus again yields a Bear Coin instead.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 水辺の怪物 クロクタプス
Mizube no kaibutsu Kurokutapusu
Waterside Monster, Kroctopus
Italian Schiaccia-Polidrilli