Cliffside Blast

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Cliffside Blast
Cliffside Blast DKC3 GBA.png
World-Level 7 - 4
World Pacifica
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Music Rockface Rumble
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Cliffside Blast is the thirty-fourth level in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! It is the fourth area of Pacifica as well.

During this cliff level, the Kongs make their way up a large mountain. The mountain can not be climbed on foot, so they have to rely on Barrel Cannons and ropes. While the first half of the level mainly focuses on blasting through barrels around countless numbers of Buzzes, the second half is filled with a high amount of long ropes. Though Buzzes would be considered as the main hazard in this level, the Kongs also have some trouble with the other common enemies, Kopters and Re-Koils.

Level layout[edit]

The level begins with a short pathway to a Barrel Cannon. With the cannon, they must aim to another barrel and continually blast through a long chain of barrels, dodging a red Buzz on the way. Soon, the monkeys enter an open area, where they find four barrels in a diamond shape. Shooting through the middle of this area takes them to the letter K and then to a different barrel. Still blasting upwards, the apes go through numerous Barrel Cannons and shoot to a barrel surrounded by two green Buzzes. With careful aim, they must get away from the two enemies and soon find themselves being fired to a vertical tightrope. Climbing up the rope, they pass a pair of Buzzes and jump into another Barrel Cannon above a ledge. The barrel fires them to another rope, which the group must climb up. Hopping to the right of this rope and trudging up a steel hill, the monkeys pass two Re-Koils and get into yet another Barrel Cannon. Blasting through another set of barrels, the monkeys dodge several red and green Buzzes flooding the area. Once they finally reach a safe platform, they shoot through one barrel, an Auto Fire Barrel, to land near the Star Barrel.

About halfway into the level, the heroes grab onto another rope and climb to a ledge with a barrel above it. Once they jump into the barrel, they are automatically blasted to a long, vertical rope. While the apes clamber up this rope, they meet many Kopters, whom they need to avoid. Eventually, the monkeys find a Buzz in their path, so they are forced to use the newly appearing ropes to the left and right. Maneuvering through this area and dodging some Buzzes takes the Kongs to the letter N. Soon, they exit the area and walk up a rigid hill to find another rope. With the second rope to the right, the heroes must move through the next area, watching out for the few Kopters in their path. Shortly after, Kiddy Kong and Dixie Kong find themselves clambering up one long tightrope, avoiding several green Buzzes on the way. If they safely make it to the end of this rope, they find a flagpole to the right. Raising its flag ends the level.



Bonus Levels[edit]

  1. About a fourth of the way into the level, the heroes find themselves on the level's first rope. After passing the first Buzz around this rope, they find a small tunnel to the right. Walking through this tunnel takes them into a gap with the Bonus Barrel in it. The Bonus Level it takes the heroes to requires them to collect twenty-two stars while clambering on long ropes. If they safely collect all these stars in under fifteen seconds, they find a Bonus Coin on a ledge.
  2. To the left of the level's flagpole, the heroes find a Re-Koil guarding a small tunnel. They must defeat the foe and walk through the tunnel to find a Bonus Barrel. Once it takes them into a Bonus Level, they need to climb across a long, horizontal tightrope, watching out for several Kopters. At the end of the stage, they find a Bonus Coin.

DK Coin[edit]

  1. Shortly after the first Bonus Barrel, the apes land in a barrel near another small tunnel to the left. Blasting into this tunnel, the Kongs have to make their way forward to a Koin. This enemy has the DK Coin, and he will not give it up without a fight. With the steel barrel, found on the top of the tunnel, the heroes need to stand on the foe and throw the barrel to the left. The barrel will ricochet off of a wall and hit the Koin in the side. This defeats him, thus giving the Kongs his DK Coin.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

The letter N
  • K: The "K" is above a green Buzz orbiting a barrel cannon.
  • O: A barrel cannon should blast the Kongs up a rope they can climb to get the "O".
  • N: Near two Red Buzzes shortly after the checkpoint.
  • G: When the Kongs come across two Krimps, going to the left side will allow them to get to the barrel cannon launching them to the "G".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タルたいほうのがけ
Taru taihou no gake
Barrel Cannon Cliff
Spanish Explosión en la Colina Explosion in the Hill
Italian Esplosioni Collinari Hill Explosions