Cranky's Dojo

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Cranky in his dojo fighting Bristles.
Gameplay of the Cranky's Dojo mini-game
Cranky's Dojo menu
Cranky's Dojo level select screen in the Extras menu

Cranky's Dojo is a martial arts school where Cranky Kong trains himself in the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 3. It appears in every world except the Northern Kremisphere map, taking the places of where Wrinkly's Save Cave originally was.

At Cranky's Dojo, Cranky Kong is training for his next big adventure, "Cranky Kong Country". If Dixie and Kiddy Kong drop by, they can assist Cranky in a round of training. If the player is playing for the first time, it costs one bear coin to train; any subsequent time costs two bear coins, although it becomes free after the player either wins or loses at the minigame. The minigame can be played from the unlockable Extras menu. Like Swanky's Dash, the player can select a challenge per each world. However, each world has an identical Cranky's Dojo challenge.


Playing as Cranky, the player must use the +Control Pad to aim Cranky's shield and deflect thirty oncoming, curled-up Bristles. These enemies appear from the left and right sides, charging at Cranky from either the top, bottom, or the center. If Cranky is hit, the player loses the minigame. The player wins if Cranky deflects every Bristles. Completing the minigame is required the first time for Dixie and Kiddy to obtain a Banana Bird. Cranky rewards other prizes including several bananas, a bear coin, and a Red Balloon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クランキーのどうじょう
Kurankī no Dōjō
Cranky's Dojo

German Crankys Dojo
Cranky's Dojo
Italian Dojo di Cranky
Cranky's Dojo