Murky Mill

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Murky Mill
Murky Mill.png
World-Level 1 - 5
World Lake Orangatanga
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Music Mill Fever
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Murky Mill is the fifth level of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, and it is located in the first world, Lake Orangatanga.

Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong play as Ellie for most of this dark level, where the player is introduced to Ellie's fear of Sneeks: If Ellie sees a Sneek under direct light, she will quickly turn around and run away. Many of the Sneeks in this level are placed under ample lights, and they block the pachyderm's path; Ellie must defeat those Sneeks by tossing barrels at them from a distance. Re-Koils make their debut here, appearing along with Buzzes.

Level layout[edit]

The level begins next to an elevator that the Kongs must ride up in order to reach a DK Barrel and a small doorway with an Animal Barrel in it. Upon entering this barrel, the Kongs are turned into Ellie the Elephant, who must continue through the level by traveling east past some Sneeks. On the way, she also passes bananas, the letter K, and a Banana Bunch. After dodging a lone Re-koil, the elephant finds a small gap with a moving platform and a banana bunch in it. At the bottom of the gap, there is an area to the west that she must travel along. Here, she can find a Sneek with a lamp shining light on it. Once she defeats it with the nearby barrel, she passes a few Re-Koils and another Sneek under direct light, who is lifted by a raised platform. If Ellie jumps into the light over this Sneek, she can find a green Extra Life Balloon. The letter O is located shorly after here above a jumping Re-Koil. Another gap follows here with a moving platform in it. Once Ellie reaches the bottom of it, she must travel east past another Sneek under light to reach the level's Star Barrel.

At this point in the level, Ellie must continue in order to find a Buzz above a trapdoor and a steel keg that can be used to defeat a Sneek under light located nearby. A small platform ahead of here can lead the elephant down to an area with a DK Barrel and a steel keg able to be utilized to defeat a Sneek later in the level, or to beat the Koin standing nearby. An elevator is next to the steel keg that can lift Ellie up to an additional area with a red Buzz and a Sneek under a lamp. She can discover more red Buzzes in a nearby gap with some small elevators in it. The elevators can help her safely reach the bottom of the gap, where there is a path leading past a few Re-Koils and to a Sneek under direct light. The letter N is just ahead, followed by a Sneek with light shining on it. A barrel is next to the Sneek that Ellie can only reach if she sucks it towards herself with her trunk. An additional gap is placed immediately after the Sneek, and at the bottom, she can discover two separate passages. The passage on the left leads to an Auto Fire Barrel that can shoot her to a higher area with some green Buzzes, a steel keg, and a Bonus Barrel. The area to her right contains a red Buzz and a lamp that shines over two Sneeks. A nearby barrel must be used to defeat them. Once she passes these foes, she approaches some Re-Koils and the letter G above a ledge that she must drop down. At the bottom of the ledge, there are two Sneeks next to the light shining from a lamp on the ceiling. A No Animal Sign follows, and once the elephant passes it, she is turned back into the Kongs, and a Bear Coin appears. The Level Flag is nearby.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: After the Kongs transform into Ellie, they find the letter K under a light.
  • O: The letter O can be found above a Re-koil almost immediately before the Star Barrel.
  • N: The letter N is located shortly before a fork-in-the-road found near the end of the level.
  • G: The letter G floats above a ledge, near two Re-koils, immediately before the No Animal Sign.

Bonus Levels[edit]

  • Immediately after passing the Star Barrel, Ellie must defeat a Buzz flying over a trapdoor and then jump into the trapdoor in order to access a Bonus Level. In this bonus, Ellie has 25 seconds to defeat four Buzzes, who move in a big circle, with barrels. If she defeats the enemies, a Bonus Coin appears for her to grab within the remaining time.
  • Shortly after passing the letter N, Ellie can find a fork-in-the-road under a moving platform. If she heads left at the fork, she can find an Auto Fire Barrel that shoots her to an area with two Buzzes. One of the Buzzes floats above a hidden Bonus Barrel, so she must hit the enemy with a nearby steel keg to get rid of it. Once this is done, she can enter the Bonus Level via the Bonus Barrel. In the special area, she must dodge two pairs of moving Buzzes in order to reach the Bonus Coin at the end of the bonus. She has 15 seconds to do so, and she cannot hit any enemies in the process to to complete the bonus.

DK Coin[edit]

  • Shortly after Ellie passes the Star Barrel, she can find a steel keg next to a platform that moves up and down. If she carries the barrel ahead, she can find a Koin with the DK Coin. She must throw the barrel against the wall behind the enemy in order for it to bounce back and hit the Koin, defeating it. Once this is done, Ellie can freely collect the DK Coin.

Warp Barrel[edit]

  • When the Kongs get to the top of the long elevator at the beginning of the level, the Kongs should use their Team-up move to throw one another to the top-left corner of the area, where a Warp Barrel is hidden. The barrel leads them to the level's exit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コワガリエリー
Kowagari Erī
Timid Ellie
Spanish El Molino Oscuro The Dark Mill
French Moulin Malsain Unhealthy Mill
German Moder-Mühle Mold Mill
Italian Mulino Nero Black Mill