Barrel Shield

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Artwork of a Barrel Shield
Artwork of a Barrel Shield in Donkey Kong Country 3

A Barrel Shield is a shield that protects Dixie and Kiddy from acorns thrown by Minkeys. They appear in the hollow-tree levels of Donkey Kong Country 3 and Donkey Kong Land III, where they respectively debut in Barrel Shield Bust-Up and Minky Mischief. Barrel Shields are seen with most groups of Minkeys, and either remain in one position or move vertically on the rope, starting with the first Minkey and ending with the last one. The Kongs must keep up with the Barrel Shield to remain shielded from a Minkey's projectiles. Some Barrel Shields move faster than others. In some cases, it is mandatory for the Kongs to hide behind a Barrel Shield, as certain segments have too many Minkeys.