Miller Instinct

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Miller Instinct
Screenshot of Miller Instinct in Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong.
Level code 2-6
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Miller Instinct is the twelfth level in Donkey Kong Land III and the sixth and last normal level of Primate Plains. Miller Instinct is located west on the world map, and it takes place inside a large watermill, with a big wooden wheel run by the river. The level's name is a pun on Killer Instinct, a fighting game developed by Rare.


Early in the level, Dixie and Kiddy must jump into an Animal Barrel to transform into Squawks the Parrot for most of the level. The level does not have many elevator platforms, and Squawks is required to ascend the different floors of the level. He encounters various Buzzes, Rekoils, Sneeks, and Bristles along the way. Miller Instinct is maze-like because of the alternate paths that Squawks can take to find items such as bear coins, bananas, and K-O-N-G Letters. Near the end of the level, when Squawks crosses the No Animal Sign, the Kongs must run across a few platforms and pass some enemies before reaching the End of Level Flag.


At the beginning of the level, the heroes make their way down a long path with a few small ramps. Once they get on the first elevators, they find a rope to climb up. It leads them right next to a barrel. Jumping into this normal barrel, the Kongs are fired to another rope. Climbing up this rope except using the rope next to it, they find an Animal Barrel. Going into the common barrel turns them into Squawks, who needs to fly through the mill, moving north. The parrot makes his way into a long pathway, full of twists and turn, avoiding some enemies, including Buzzes. Soon, he finds the Star Barrel.

About halfway through the level, the bird continues through the level by flying around the many sharp turns in the mill. Though more Buzzes tries to stop him, he should be able to attack them with his nuts. Eventually, Squawks finds himself in an area with many corridors and passages. Some of these corridors contain special prizes, though, ultimately, the parrot needs only to fly up to find his way in the next area. Soon, the bird needs to turn to the left and pass a No Animal Sign. It turns him back into the Kongs, where they need to make their way onto a high pathway, walking up several slanted boards. They then find themselves near a set of two elevators. Riding up both of them, they are taken to the next floor. There, the apes travel down the rest of the path, avoiding enemies and grabbing the letter G, until they find a flagpole. After touching this flagpole, the level ends.


Items and objects[edit]

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Letter Location
Dixie Kong finds the letter K of Miller Instinct in Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong To the right of the first Sneek encountered.
Squawks the Parrot flies to the letter O of Miller Instinct in Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong Shortly after two Buzzes, the "O" is to the right of a Rekoil.
Squawks the Parrot defeats a Buzz around the letter N in Miller Instinct in Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong At the three-way split in the path, stick right to get to the "N".
Dixie Kong encounters a Bristles around the letter G in Miller Instinct in Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong Found near some Bristles past the No Animal Sign.

DK Coin[edit]

Image Location
Shortly after the letter K, after the Kongs blast out from the first Barrel Cannon, they encounter the Koin. They must climb up a rope and jump on a platform to the left. The Kongs must walk under the Squawks Barrel and pick up a Steel Barrel. From the edge of the platform, Dixie or Kiddy must throw it at a wall to the right and then grab on a rope. As Koin is facing upward, the Steel Barrel hits him in the side, defeating him and rewarding the DK Coin to the Kongs. They can also defeat Koin by jumping down to the platform with Koin and throwing the Steel Barrel at the left wall behind him.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Image Type and description
Dixie Kong in the first Bonus Level of Miller Instinct in Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong Collect the Stars!
From the platform Koin is on, Dixie or Kiddy must jump right over a Barrel Cannon to land into a hidden Bonus Barrel. Alternatively, Squawks can fly down to the location. In the Bonus Level, Dixie or Kiddy must collect 36 stars within 30 seconds. The first nine stars shape a right arrow, indicating out the four vertical ropes that the Kong must climb to collect more stars, each arranged in groups of three. The second-to-last group of three stars is hovering over a platform, and the last three stars appear just before a Buzz and a No Animal Sign. When all the stars are collected, the Bonus Coin appears just right of the No Animal Sign.
Find the Token!
Near the end of the level, Squawks can find a No Animal Sign to the left. He must instead go right and pass a different No Animal Sign, which is in front of a Bonus Barrel, to turn back into the Kongs. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 20 seconds to collect the Bonus Coin at the top of the area. Dixie or Kiddy must blast through several Rotatable Barrels above ground, following in the direction of the bananas. When they reach the upper-right, the Kong can blast up to the Bonus Coin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スコークスのすいしゃごや
Sukōkusu no Suishagoya
Squawks' Watermill