Ugly Ducting

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Ugly Ducting
Ugly Ducting.png
World-Level 5-5
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Ugly Ducting the twenty-ninth level in the Donkey Kong Land game, Donkey Kong Land III. It is also the fifth area of the Tin Can Valley.

Taking place in a damp and dark pipeline, the monkeys will begin the level underwater. They will have to swim through the bleak pipeline through the first half of the level, possibly meeting some dead-ends. As they swim through this area, they will encounter the enemies, Lurchins, Bounty Basses, and Kocos. In the second half of the level, the monkeys will begin to explore the dry areas of the level. There, they will be able to turn into Squawks the Parrot and fly through a short maze of pipes. As the bird makes his way around the twists and turns of the level, he will encounter the normal enemies, Buzzes, Kobbles, and Krimps.

This level is named after the fable The Ugly Duckling.

Level layout[edit]

At the beginning of the level, the heroes will have to swim through the dark pipeline, traveling up through a narrow pathway. In the next area they will enter, they will have to swim a little bit to the west and follow a trail of three bananas past a few enemies. They will end up swimming through another passageway, then entering another area. There, they will need to grab the letter K in a small alcove and head through the water, still going west. After avoiding a few Lurchins in their path, the Kongs will make their way up another opening and find a dry area out of the water. There, they will have to walk to the right to find the Star Barrel.

About halfway through the level, the heroes will have to run up the pathway and jump over a few Buzzes. After hopping over the last Buzz, the monkeys will come up to an Animal Barrel. Walking into it, the Kongs will be turned into Squawks the Parrot. Once this happens, the transformed heroes, now having flying abilities, will have to move through another opening and head west. Squawks will find many Buzzes in his path as he travels through the long pathway, though his nut-spitting abilities will be able to defeat each one easily. After finding the letter N, the bird will have to hover downwards into the next area and knock out a few Kobbles. Soon, the parrot will see a short banana trail leading upwards. He should follow it, making his way to the left to find the letter G, and then to the right to find another passageway. Going up the passageway, he will need to pass a No Animal Sign to his right and transform back into the Kongs. After that, the apes will need to run up another long path and dodge several Buzzes. Once they get over two Krimps, they will see a flagpole. Touching it will lead them to the next level.


Bonus Levels[edit]

  • After the Kongs swim upwards through the first pipe, they should head down a long pathway through the water. Avoiding many Lurchins and Kocos, the heroes will find a Bonus Barrel at the end of the pipeline. Swimming into it, they will be lead to the level's first Bonus Level. There, they will have to collect several stars in another underwater pipeline. Once they scale the whole area and obtain each star, the Bonus Coin will appear in the top-right part of the special stage.
  • Once the Kongs turn into Squawks, they should head upwards and avoid a few Buzzes. Entering a bigger area, the parrot will have to fly to the right around a Buzz to find the second Bonus Barrel. It will, as usual, take him to the next Bonus Level, where he will need to fly around the area, defeating each Buzz in sight. Once they area all knocked out, the Bonus Coin will appear at the top-left part of the area.

DK Coin[edit]

  • Once the monkeys enter the straight pathway where the first Bonus Barrel can be found, they will have to swim upwards through a thin opening and then head to the right. They will see another opening nearby. If they travel up through it, they will find themselves out of the water and near a Koin. The enemy will have the DK Coin, so the monkeys will have to defeat him to get it. To do so, they will need to pick up the barrel to the right and stand on the Kremling's strong shield. If they throw the barrel into the wall, it will bounce back and hit the Koin's side, beating the foe, as well as giving the Kongs the DK Coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブリキ山のちかすいろ
Buriki Yama no Chika Suiro
Underground Waterway of Tin Mountain