Rockface Chase

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Rockface Chase
Rockface Chase.png
World-Level 4-6
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Rockface Chase is the twenty-fourth level in Donkey Kong Land III. Located in the north-east of the Great Ape Lakes, these tall cliffs are a necessary gateway to reach the area where KAOS's factory stands.

Kobbles, Krimps, Krumples, Re-Koils and other Kremling Kreeps can be found throughout the level. The Kongs need to clamber up this rockface in the rain, finding their way through narrow canyons and shafts while taking advantage of the numerous Barrel Cannons and ropes. Arrow-shaped bananas can help them navigate. However, their progress is hindered by Klasps, Buzzes and Kopters. Good timing is required to dodge the Kremlings while climbing up ropes. Sneeks and a Knik-Knak are also found in the level.

Level layout[edit]

Dixie climbs near some Klasps.

At the beginning of the level, the Kongs make their way up a small ledge, using a wooden platform, and then start to run down a large, slanted path. At the bottom of this path, they find a set of ropes to climb. As they climb up these ropes, they will need to watch out for some explosive Klasps. On the next level of the rocky landscape, they can find the letter K. Farther on, after defeating some enemies, they should find a platform to use to get a grip on another rope. It guides them to a higher area, where they can find the letter O. Once they reach this part of the level, they jump into a nearby barrel and blast to a high-up set of ropes. Jumping up the ropes one-by-one, they soon reach a steep, upward pathway to another wooden platform. It helps them reach a short rope that aid them in head up to another area. There, the group finds a few small alcoves around some Kobbles. Eventually, they make their way to the Star Barrel.

About halfway through the level, the apes fall down from some ropes and platforms to land in a barrel. It blasts them through a long chain of barrels and then on a wooden platform above the letter N. Walking a little farther, they should spy another rope that they need to climb while avoiding some Kopters. After hopping up some platforms nearby, they make their way into a barrel that shoots them onto a high tightrope. They should move across the long rope to find another platform. This platform helps them reach a set of ropes, occupied by several Klasps. The Kongs need to carefully climb along the rope and travel up to an arrow, created by many bananas. If they scurry to the left at this point, they can find another area with ropes. Making their way up a small, wooden platform to reach the highest point of the mountain, they reach a flagpole. Touching the flagpole ends the level.


Bonus Levels[edit]

  • After passing the letter O, the group is shot through a barrel to a set of ropes. Climbing to the top rope, they should notice a Bonus Barrel hanging above them. If they jump off of the nearest ledge, they should be able to reach the special barrel to enter a Bonus Level, where they need to defeat several enemies in twenty seconds. The area is filled with Krimps and Buzzes, and the monkeys, with the help of some barrels, need to beat each one. At the end of the stage, they are awarded with a Bonus Coin if they complete the bonus correctly.
  • Shortly after the letter G, the group finds an arrow, made from bananas, pointing to the left. Instead of following it, they should travel to the right and climb up some ropes to find a Bonus Barrel. It fires them into a Bonus Level, where they need to move along several vertical and horizontal ropes to find stars. After they collect all the stars, they can find the Bonus Coin in the bottom half of the area.

DK Coin[edit]

The level's Koin.
  • When the Kongs pass the arrow formed by many bananas around the second Bonus Barrel, they should go to the left and reach an area with some ropes. If they drop down to the ground from these ropes, they should meet a Koin, with the DK Coin, near a Tin Barrel. The monkeys need to defeat the enemy to get the DK Coin, but his shield protects him from all their normal attacks. So, the heroes need to use the nearby barrel and stand on the Koin, then throw the barrel into a wall. While the Kremling is distracted, the barrel bounces back and hits him in the side, giving the Kongs the DK Coin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雨のロッククライミング
Ame no Rokkukuraimingu
Rock Climbing in the Rain