Seabed Shanty

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Seabed Shanty
Seabed Shanty DKL3c.png
World-Level 1-2
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Seabed Shanty is the second level in the Donkey Kong Land game, Donkey Kong Land III. Located in the south-east of Cape Codswallop, it is the second level of the area.

This level takes place in the arm of the sea that separates the first wharf from the rest of the area. Therefore, it is also the first underwater level in the game. To complete it, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong must swim between the large coral reefs, avoiding the numerous Kocos, Bounty Basses and Bazzas. The Kongs will encounter many Lurchins in the second half of the level as well. Fortunately, Enguarde will help Dixie and Kiddy deal with their opponents until the end of the level. With his sharp bill, he can be quite a help on the monkeys' quest. Seabed Shanty can also be considered as quite a labyrinth, but in many places, arrow-shaped bananas will show the right path to follow.

Seabed Shanty is one of the only levels in Donkey Kong Land III where the DK Coin can be found without having to defeat a Koin. Actually, in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, there was a small cave at the end of each "Coral" level in which the Kongs could find the Koin. Such caves do not appear in the Game Boy sequel.

Level Layout[edit]

The level begins with the monkeys swimming through a wide, underwater path. If they curve around the bend, they can find an Animal Barrel with Enguarde in it, though it is completely optional to get him. Traveling through more of the level, the heroes follow several arrows, directing them to an area occupied by some Bazzas. Avoiding the swift enemies, they continue along the path, making some twists and turns and occasionally meeting Bazzas. Hovering downwards from a group of Bazzas, the monkeys move past more fish foes and travel to the left at the bottom of the area. Soon, they pass a No Animal Sign, which turns Enguarde back into the Kongs if he was used. Farther into the level, the apes swim along the long passageways and soon find the letter O, as well as the Star Barrel.

About halfway through the level, the heroes head downward through a long pathway. With the help of some banana trails, they soon reach the letter N. After they swim downwards a little more, they have to go east and swim through a slanted pathway around many Lurchins. Going north from here, they meet some Bazzas and then another Animal Barrel. Just as before, the Kongs can optionally turn into Enguarde. Continuing through the stage, the apes encounter more Lurchins and then have to travel downwards past the letter G. Moving down a long, wide pathway, they have to avoid even more enemies, and then follow an arrow to the east. If they swim through this pathway, they find a flagpole. Touching the flagpole ends the level.


Bonus Levels[edit]

  • When the Kongs find the letter N, they must swim downwards to the left side until the two reach the bottom of the area. The two have to pass the two Lurchins in a small area to reach the nearby Bonus Barrel. This Bonus Barrel blasts Dixie and Kiddy to a Bonus Level. Here, the two start by swimming in an Enguarde Barrel. Then, Enguarde must swim around and defeat some Kocos and Bounty Basses. If Enguarde defeats each enemy within the time limit, the Bonus Coin can be found just below the start of the Bonus Level.
  • After the Kongs locate the letter G, they must swim through a long, wide pathway between the corals. A banana arrow pointing to the right can be found nearby. Dixie and Kiddy must ignore it and swim below to find a nearby Bonus Barrel in a small oval-shaped area. In the Bonus Barrel, the two monkeys have to swim through a large, open area and collect forty-five stars in forty seconds. If Dixie and Kiddy collect all these stars within the time limit, the Bonus Coin appears in the bottom-center of the stage.

DK Coin[edit]

  • Near the end of the level, the Kongs can see an arrow pointing downwards. They must instead swim upwards, moving around the coral reefs and enemies. Soon, they find the DK Coin, free from a Koin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バッザーの
Bazzā no mizuumi
Bazza Lake


The shortcut needed to beat the level under 1:20:00.
  • This level appears in the game's Time Attack mode, unlocked after beating Baron K. Roolenstein in the Lost World. It is required to beat under 1:20:00. Because the Kongs are not able to swim as fast underwater as they normally run on dry soil, the level would be considered impossible to complete in such a time, without the aid of a shortcut. This considerably well-hidden shortcut can be found near the end of the level, where the monkeys will swim up a long, slanted pathway of coral. If they swim into the wall, they will end up being shot through a long chain of Barrel Cannons, taking them to the area just before the flagpole.