Great Ape Lakes

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Great Ape Lakes
Great Ape Lakes DKL3.png
Appearance Donkey Kong Land III
Levels 6
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Great Ape Lakes is the fourth world of Donkey Kong Land III. Its name is derived from the Great Lakes, a group of large lakes in eastern North America. Great Ape Lakes is located in Northern Kremisphere, to the east of Blackforest Plateau and west of Tin Can Valley. The world boss is KAOS.

Great Ape Lakes features jungles on the west side and forests on the east side. These environments are divided by a giant lake, which has connected to a small lake on the north by a small waterfall.


Name Level theme
Jungle Jeopardy DKL3c.png
Jungle Jeopardy
Footloose Falls.png
Footloose Falls
Deep Reef Grief.png
Deep Reef Grief
Karbine Kaos.png
Karbine Kaos
Simian Shimmy.png
Simian Shimmy
Hollow tree
Rockface Chase.png
Rockface Chase
Krazy KAOS DKL3c.png
Boss level: Krazy KAOS
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オランガタンガ湖 Lake Orangatanga