Ford Knocks

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Ford Knocks
Ford Knocks DKL3c.png
World-Level 1-3
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Ford Knocks is the third level in the Game Boy and Game Boy Color game Donkey Kong Land III. Located in the south of Cape Codswallop, it is the third level in the area. Its name is a pun on Fort Knox, a massive storage of gold found in the United States.

This stilt level takes place on a series of boardwalks hanging over a river. The stilts supporting the docks are much higher than in Red Wharf, so if the Kongs fall into the shallow river, they may not always be able to get back on the wharf. Though the river may be the easier way to cross the level, most bonuses, including the K-O-N-G Letters and the first Bonus Barrel, are found in the upper half of the level. Therefore, it is wiser for Dixie and Kiddy Kong to stay on the boardwalks. Sneeks and Kobbles are seen again here, but Ford Knocks also introduces new enemies such as Buzzes, Knik-Knaks and Booty Birds.

In the Time Attack mode, unlocked after defeating Baron K. Roolenstein in the Lost World, Ford Knocks appears again to represent "Stilt" levels. It must be completed in less than 48 seconds. The Kongs must not fall into the water, as doing so will slow them down considerably.

Level layout[edit]

The start of the level

At the start of the level, the heroes have to walk down some boardwalks and cross a small pit containing the letter K. After that, they need to walk along the wharves, instead of swimming underwater, getting over a few gaps. Eventually they begin walking along a straight path and then on to a high platform, supported by large stilts. Jumping off of the roof, they make their way up and down some boardwalks to an area full of tightropes. Without falling into the water, they need to climb across the ropes. As they travel, they have to avoid some Buzzes. After getting back on the boardwalks, grabbing the letter O, the apes find the Star Barrel.

About halfway through the level, the heroes jump up to a few ledges and soon cross a small gap. Traveling farther into the level, they find the letter N. After that, the apes cross another small gap and have to head down a straight pathway, defeating some Sneeks. Eventually, they jump above the sparkling water and grab onto a tightrope. At the end of the long rope, they find the letter G. Once the group makes their way onto more boardwalks, they collect a Bear Coin and have to cross a few gaps. As the monkeys get farther through the area, the stilts supporting the boardwalks become shorter, allowing them to swim through the water more. Eventually, the Kongs make their way up the wooden boardwalks to a flagpole. After they touch the pole, the level ends.



DK Coin[edit]

  • Immediately before the flagpole, the heroes find the level's Koin in a low area. As usual, he has the DK Coin, and won't give it up without a fight. Though his shield protects him from most attacks, the Kongs are able to beat him with the Steel Keg nearby. If they throw the barrel at a wall while standing on the enemy, it will bounce back and hit the distracted Koin. This will defeat the Kremling and give the monkeys the DK Coin.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: At the beginning, Dixie or Kiddy have to drop into the river to find the letter.
  • O: The Kongs are blasted into the "O" from the barrel cannon, right before the Star Barrel.
  • N: After the Star Barrel this letter is found near a Sneek in a boardwalk that goes downward.
  • G: The heroes must climb a rope near the end of the level and avoid Buzzes to obtain the letter G.

Bonus Levels[edit]

  • Near the beginning of the level, the monkeys make their way onto a high platform supported by long stilts. At the end of this area, they have to jump high into the air to land in a barrel. The barrel fires them into a Bonus Barrel. This barrel then guides them into a Bonus Level. In the Bonus Level, the monkeys need to run up the area and defeat two Booty Birds with barrels. Once the two enemies are beat, a Bonus Coin appears nearby.
  • Right after the Star Barrel, the group have to jump into the nearest gap. By doing so, they land in the river next to a Bonus Barrel. The special barrel takes them to a Bonus Stage where they need to move across some boardwalks, defeating some Sneeks. Once all the foes are gone, a Bonus Coin appears nearby.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フォードノックス
Fōdo Nokkusu
Ford Knocks