Surface Tension

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Surface Tension
Surface Tension DKL3c.png
World-Level 3-4
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Surface Tension is the sixteenth level in the Donkey Kong Land game, Donkey Kong Land III. Located in the north of Blackforest Plateau, it takes place on the banks of the river that meanders through the area. The vegetation, unlike in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!'s river levels, is rather short and sparse, as it mostly consists of small conifers, mushrooms, and lichen.

During this level, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong must thread their way on the river banks, through hordes of enemies. Surface Tension is quite similar to Riverbank Riot, but it features many more baddies, making it slightly harder. Although they are likely to be very cold, since the northern area of Blackforest Plateau is occupied by taigas, the waters are infested with Lurchins, Kocos and Bounty Basses. On the banks, the Kongs encounter Buzzes, Krimps, Krumples, Bristles and Sneeks. This wide variety of enemies forces the player to resort to different attacks because not all these baddies can be defeated the same way (for instance, Krimps can only be attacked from the back, while Bristles can only be attacked from the front; Krumples can only be defeated by Kiddy).

This level's name is a pun of a property of the surface of water.

Level layout[edit]

The level begins with a straight pathway into a river of water. Crossing the river, the apes clamber down a rigid passageway, grabbing the letter K and dodging several enemies. Soon, they make their way into another pool of water and swim across to get back on another area of land. Again, they run across a rather flat pathway while dodging enemies. They eventually move into the letter O and cross a gap to find some ledges. Dropping down on these ledges, they soon find the next pool of water. Because the river at this point is not to large, the apes are able to jump across it and hit the nearby Star Barrel.

About halfway through the level, the road becomes filled with gaps of water. The Kongs need to cross these gaps while avoiding some Buzzes and then move up a slanted pathway. At the top of this pathway, the heroes pass a few more Buzzes to find a barrel. The barrel blasts them across another abyss and to the letter N. Farther on, Dixie and Kiddy travel down a series of slanted pathways, avoiding enemies such as Krimps and Buzzes. Shortly after collecting the letter G, they can find a flagpole. If they touch the flagpole, they are taken to the next level.


Bonus Levels[edit]

  • At the very beginning of the level, the heroes should see a wall of two Buzzes. If they sneak under them without hitting the nearby Krimp, they can find a Bonus Barrel. It fires them into a Bonus Level where they need to bounce off of a few Knik-Knaks to cross a pool of water. If they make it to the end of the area in less than fourteen seconds after beating every enemy, they can find a Bonus Coin.
  • About halfway into the level, the heroes find the letter O over a small gap. If they drop into the area right behind the letter, they land in a hidden Bonus Barrel. Once it blasts them into the special stage, they need to run across a long pathway, avoiding Buzzes. After they reach the end of that area, they fall into a river and swim west through a wide trench. If they make it to the end of this trench undamaged in less than twenty-five seconds, they earn another Bonus Coin.

DK Coin[edit]

  • After the letter N, the group can find a barrel. It blasts them to a platform with a steel barrel on it. If the Kongs carry this barrel down the ledge to the left, they should find a Koin with the DK Coin. They need to defeat this common enemy to get the special coin. This can be done by standing on the foe's shield and distracting him. Then, they should throw their steel keg into the nearest wall. The barrel should bounce back and hit the Koin on the side, knocking him out. This will give the Kongs his DK Coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひょうめんのドキドキ
Hyoumen no Doki Doki
Heart-Pounding Surface