Karbine Kaos

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Karbine Kaos
Karbine Kaos.png
World-Level 4-4
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Karbine Kaos is the twenty-second level in Donkey Kong Land III. It takes place in a large factory in the eastern section of the Great Ape Lakes, on the edge of the woods.

As they make progress through the building, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong come across various enemies, including Sneeks, Re-Koils and Bazukas. This level introduces Karbines to the game, which attack the tightropes that the player must use to cross molten metal pits. Squitter the Spider is available during the first half of the level.

Level layout[edit]

Dixie Kong dodging a Karbine

The level begins with the monkeys hopping into a small gap. After defeating a few enemies, they make it into a barrel that blasts them into a long tightrope. Climbing across the rope, the monkeys meet some Karbines. The bird like enemies use their cannons to shoot the Kongs, so they need to be careful. Once they get the letter K and hop off of the tightrope, the monkeys land in an Animal Barrel. This common barrel turns them into Squitter, who need to drop down to a lower level and attack a few Kobbles with his strong webs. Soon, the spider finds an area full of platform jutting out of the walls. While moving through this area, the spider is caught in a hidden barrel, which can blast him into the letter O. Farther on, Squitter passes a No Animal Sign, turning him back into the Kongs. Once this is done, the Kongs head onward and jump up a small ledge. After passing a lone Bazuka, the apes jump into another gap and hit into the Star Barrel.

About halfway through the level, the group makes their way up a stair-like area, beating a few enemies, such as Re-Koils. Soon, Dixie and Kiddy make their way to a deep gap. If they jump into it, they progress into another area of the level. There, they should move around two small elevators and head down a few small platforms. When they reach one of the level's lowest areas, they need to travel to the east and defeat a few more enemies. Upon collecting the nearby letter N, the monkeys find themselves in an Auto Fire Barrel. It blasts them to a high-up tightrope. On the long rope, they need to climb to the right and pass a few Karbines. At the end of the tightrope, they notice a small gap below them. Falling into the gap, they run through the stage's final area, grabbing the letter G and defeating a few enemies, including Krumples. At the end of this area, they find a flagpole. The level ends once they touch this flagpole.



Location of a Bear Coin

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: East of the first Karbine.
  • O: A Barrel Cannon will launch the heroes into the "O" Letter.
  • N: In front of a barrel cannon east of some Re-Koil.
  • G: Above a Bristles near the End of Level Flag.

DK Coin[edit]

  • After dropping through the first gap past the Star Barrel, the monkeys have to chose to either head downwards or go to the left; they should go to the left and pass a Bazuka. On a small platform jutting out of the wall, they can find a steel barrel, which they need to carry downwards to the level's Koin. This enemy has the DK Coin, and will not give it up without a fight. Though his shield protects him from most attacks, the monkeys can use their barrel to attack. This can be done by standing on the Kremling and throwing the keg at the nearest wall. The barrel should bounce off of the wall, hitting the distracted Koin. This defeats the enemy, thus giving the Kongs their DK Coin.

Bonus Levels[edit]

The second Bonus Level
  • Shortly after the monkeys turn into Squitter, they should find a small gap in the ceiling. Squitter should use his web platforms to make his way up the gap. In the hidden area, the spider meets a Bazuka. Right behind the Bazuka, the spider finds a Bonus Barrel. Entering the special barrel takes the Animal Friend to a Bonus Level, where he needs to build web platforms to cross a large abyss. Though the Buzzes around the area may be a small treat, tubs of hot molten lava wait below Squitter, burning him with one touch. At the end of the stage, though, the hero can find a Bonus Coin.
  • Near the letter N, the heroes can find a barrel. This barrel shoots them onto a long tightrope. Normally, the Kongs climb to the right on this rope, but instead, they should head west to find a Bonus Barrel. The special barrel takes them to a Bonus Level, where they need to blast through a few Rotatable Barrels, collecting a few stars. Once all the stars are collected, a Bonus Coin appears nearby.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアーボール カービン
Faiābōru Kābin
Fireball Karbine