Karbine Kaos

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Karbine Kaos
Karbine Kaos.png
Level code 4-4
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Karbine Kaos is the twenty-second level in Donkey Kong Land III. It is the fourth level of the Great Ape Lakes, where it takes place in a large factory in the eastern section, on the edge of the woods.


Karbine Kaos is a factory level and the first level to have Karbines, hence its name. There are many molten pits of lava, and Dixie and Kiddy can use horizontal ropes to safely climb across them while avoiding the fireballs shot by Karbines. For the first half, the Kongs can optionally enter an Animal Barrel to transform into Squitter. There is a Bonus Barrel that only Squitter can reach by creating web platforms to reach it. Various other enemies are encountered in the level, including Sneeks, Rekoils and Bazukas.


Karbine Kaos
Dixie Kong dodging a Karbine

The level begins with the Kongs hopping into a small gap. After defeating a few enemies, they make it into a barrel that blasts them into a long tightrope. Climbing across the rope, the Kongs meet some Karbines. The bird like enemies use their cannons to shoot the Kongs, so they need to be careful. Once they get the letter K and hop off of the tightrope, the Kongs land in an Animal Barrel. This common barrel turns them into Squitter, who need to drop down to a lower level and attack a few Kobbles with his strong webs. Soon, the spider finds an area full of platform jutting out of the walls. While moving through this area, the spider is caught in a hidden barrel, which can blast him into the letter O. Farther on, Squitter passes a No Animal Sign, turning him back into the Kongs. Once this is done, the Kongs head onward and jump up a small ledge. After passing a lone Bazuka, the apes jump into another gap and hit into the Star Barrel.

About halfway through the level, the group makes their way up a stair-like area, beating a few enemies, such as Rekoils. Soon, Dixie and Kiddy make their way to a deep gap. If they jump into it, they progress into another area of the level. There, they should move around two small elevators and head down a few small platforms. When they reach one of the level's lowest areas, they need to travel to the east and defeat a few more enemies. Upon collecting the nearby letter N, the Kongs find themselves in a Blast Barrel. It blasts them to a high-up tightrope. On the long rope, they need to climb to the right and pass a few Karbines. At the end of the tightrope, they notice a small gap below them. Falling into the gap, they run through the stage's final area, grabbing the letter G and defeating a few enemies, including Krumples. At the end of this area, they find a flagpole. The level ends once they touch this flagpole.


Items and objects[edit]

Karbine Kaos
Squitter finds a bear coin

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: East of the first Karbine
  • O: A Barrel Cannon will launch the heroes into the "O" Letter
  • N: In front of a Barrel Cannon east of some Rekoils
  • G: Above a Bristles near the End of Level Flag

DK Coin[edit]

Image Location
Dixie Kong holding a Steel Barrel at a Koin in Karbine Kaos in Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong After dropping down the first gap after the Star Barrel, the Kongs must go left and pass a Bazuka. A Steel Barrel is on a small platform jutting out of the wall. Dixie or Kiddy must pick up the Steel Barrel then jump down a few more platforms to go into an area below with the Koin. The active Kong must throw the Steel Barrel at either the left or right wall, depending on which direction Koin is facing, for it to hit him in the side. This causes Koin to be defeated, and the Kongs earn the DK Coin.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Image Type and description
Find the Token!
When the Kongs transform into Squitter, he must continue onward until finding two Kobbles. Squitter must create web platforms to go up a small gap in the ceiling, which a few bananas are in, and jump to the right. There is a Bazuka which rapidly blasts barrels at Squitter. He must create web platforms to go above the barrels and enter a Bonus Barrel in the ceiling at a dead-end. In the Bonus Level, Squitter has 30 seconds to collect the Bonus Coin on the other side. He must create web platforms to cross a wide gap while avoiding three Buzzes along the way. Squitter must avoid falling down into tubs of molten lava beneath the gap. The Bonus Coin is on a platform to the right.
Karbine Kaos Collect the Stars!
Next to the letter N, the Kongs must enter a Barrel Cannon that blasts them up to a long tightrope. They must climb left past two Karbines and jump into a Bonus Barrel at the end. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 20 seconds to collect nine stars. The stars are between rotatable Barrel Cannons, and the Kongs can collect the stars by blasting over a molten lava pit. The last Barrel Cannon blasts the Kongs down to a platform, where the Bonus Coin appears after they have collected every star.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアーボール カービン
Faiābōru Kābin
Fireball Karbine