Red Wharf

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Red Wharf
Red Wharf
Level code 1 - 1
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Red Wharf is the first level of Donkey Kong Land III and the first world, Cape Codswallop, where it is located to the southeast. Red Wharf is a pun on the British television comedy series, Red Dwarf.

In the level, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong must walk along a series of boardwalks overhanging a large body of water. Red Wharf is the game's equivalent to Lakeside Limbo, also a boardwalk level and the first level of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. Both levels have Sneeks and Kobbles as enemies. During parts of the level, the Kongs can also swim in the shallow water to find extra bananas and a Bonus Barrel. The Kongs can also climb across some short ropes and blast through some Barrel Cannons, which take them to collectible items such as Banana Bunches, bear coins, and even an Extra Life Balloon.


At the start of the level, the heroes need to walk down a few boardwalks and defeat some enemies. Following some banana trails, the Kongs pass a few Sneeks and find the letter K. After that, they need to hop up onto a ledge and continue east, where they have to run down some slanted pathways and then follow some bananas, in the formation of an arrow, into the shallow water. There, the heroes find the letter O. Once they get the letter, they have to jump out of the sea and walk up the path to find the level's Star Barrel.

About halfway through the level, the Kongs need to walk down more other the path, defeating enemies, and hop into a barrel to be shot into the letter N. They, then, land on a higher area of the level. At the end of the area, they need to follow a banana trail downwards and roll into a small abyss to get the letter G. After that, they are greeted by more enemies to beat. Knocking each one out, the apes have to walk down the straight boardwalks to find the End of Level Flag.


  • Kobble: 9
  • Koco: 1 (Bonus Level only)
  • Sneek: 7 (1 of them is in a Bonus Level)

Items and objects[edit]

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: Right after a pair of two Sneeks
  • O: Near the first Bonus Level, underneath a crack in a boardwalk that has a group of bananas shaping an arrow
  • N: Dixie and Kiddy are launched into the "N" from a Barrel Cannon
  • G: In a gap of a boardwalk near the End of Level Flag

DK Coin[edit]

Image Location
Kiddy Kong defeats the Koin of Red Wharf in Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong After the letter G, the Kongs must jump into a midair Barrel Cannon. They are blasted through a few more Barrel Cannons to land on a roof above the End of Level Flag. The Koin is on the roof, and Dixie or Kiddy must pick up a Steel Barrel next to Koin and throw it at the right edge of the screen. The Steel Barrel ricochets into Koin from behind and defeats him, and the Kongs obtain the DK Coin.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Image Type and description
Find the Token!
When the Kongs find the letter O, they must swim left under the boardwalks and enter into a Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 15 seconds to reach the Bonus Coin on the other side. They must cross a pool of water with a Koco and a boardwalk with a Neek along the way.
Dixie Kong collecting stars in the second Bonus Level of Red Wharf in Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong Collect the Stars!
Shortly after the letter N, the Kongs drop to a lower area and climb a rope attached to two poles and above a Kobble. The Kongs must go right and jump into the second Bonus Barrel. In it, Dixie and Kiddy have 15 seconds to collect 15 stars. They must jump into a Rotatable Barrel and blast onto a roof-like part of a wharf. From there, the Kongs must jump off and collect the stars, which collectively make up the shape of an arrow. After the Kongs collect every star, the Bonus Coin appears on a roof at the top-right, which the Kongs must blast to.


Game Boy[edit]

Game Boy Color[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 赤いふなつきば
Akai Funatsuki-ba
Red Dock
Chinese (Simplified) 红码头 Red Pier
Chinese (Traditional) 紅碼頭 Red Pier
French Quai Rouge Red Dock
German Roter Kai Red Quay
Italian Molo Rosso Red Pier
Korean 붉은 부두 Red Pier
Russian Красный причал Red Pier
Spanish Muelle Rojo Red Dock