Basket of snakes

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Basket of snakes
Slippa Jar DKL.png
First appearance Donkey Kong Land (1995)
Black Drum
Slippa Jar.png

Baskets of snakes[1] are mysterious pots only appearing in the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong Land. These obstacles make up the main hinderance of Snake Charmer's Challenge, the fourth level of Kremlantis.

Similar to Black Drums, these baskets shoot an infinite amount of Slippas in the direction of Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong. When stationary, the baskets themselves are safe to touch and can be stood on as on a platform. They only damage the Kongs when they roll down a temple stairway, as they are sometimes seen. However, upon contact with straight terrain, the rolling baskets rise up and become stationary. They can only be destroyed by the blast of a TNT Barrel. When the Kongs stand on a basket of snakes, no Slippas are spawned. Several baskets of snakes appear to be placed in midair over wide abysses, and the Kongs can leap from one basket to another in order to pass the chasms.


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