Basket of snakes

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Basket of snakes
Sprite of a basket of snakes
Sprite from Donkey Kong Land
First appearance Donkey Kong Land (1995)

Baskets of snakes[1] are obstacles in Donkey Kong Land. Baskets of snakes spawn Slippas indefinitely, similarly to how black drums spawn other enemies. Baskets of snakes do not spawn Slippas while stood on. Baskets of snakes are the main obstacles of Snake Charmer's Challenge, and some appear in midair above a wide pit for the Kongs to travel across. Some baskets of snakes roll down stairs and will hurt the Kongs upon touching them; if one hits a wall as it rolls, it stops and turns upright, becoming harmless. Baskets of snakes can be destroyed only from a TNT Barrel.



  1. ^ "Use a TNT barrel to the right of the letter 'K' to blast a basket of snakes on a tire. Once the basket is removed, spring off the radial. You can try jumping on the snakes, but you might get bitten!" – July 1995. Nintendo Power Volume 74. Nintendo of America (American English). Page 22.