Sky High Caper

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Sky High Caper
Sky High Caper.png
World-Level 3-5
Game Donkey Kong Land
Music Sky
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Sky High Caper is the twenty-first, and one of the longest levels in the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong Land. It is the fifth area of Monkey Mountains & Chimpanzee Clouds.

This is the second cloud level of the game. A vast majority of the time playing through it, the Kongs will be on special platforms high in the sky. However, these platforms do not follow an exact path. Instead, the heroes must jump on it to change its direction, as it moves along the blue areas. The platforms will change certain directions depending on which way it was going the previous time. The Kongs must think fast and hard to get into certain areas that are tough to get through, as it may be tricky when trying to get the platform in the direction they want at the right time. Because of this, the level is more puzzling than others. Enemies here include Zingers, Hogwashes, and Kremlings.

Level Layout[edit]

From the start of the level, the Kongs must travel east and jump into a barrel. It will shoot them onto a platform that will begin to move when they get on. They must guide the platform over the blue area with their jumping and puzzle-solving skills. Soon, they need to follow a line of bananas back onto a cloud. After they get into a few barrels here, they will get on a cloud with the Continue Point by it.

After this point, the heroes need to go west and hop back on a platform. From the beginning of the ride, it should be able to guide itself, but after they meet the first Hogwash in this area, they'll have to start using their skills again. At some point, the Kongs will find a Kong Token, and have to jump toward it and land onto a cloud. They will then have to leap up a few more clouds, while avoiding Kremlings, and soon reach a barrel. It will shoot them to the second Continue Point.

From there, they must get on another platform and ride across the blue path. At the moment they get on, the heroes will realize that they are stuck. They have to again use their skill to get out of this situation, by jumping just as the platform begins to move downward. As they move on, they will have to do the same trial again with getting stuck, and also maneuver around a Hogwash to the upper right corner of the blue path, where they will get back on a cloud. The final Continue Point can be found here.

After that, the Kongs need to get on the next platform. This time, there are Zingers around the track, and the Kongs can hit into them very easily if they aren't careful. Then, they must jump over a Zinger and get on another cloud. From here, they must jump onto yet another platform. As it begins to move, they will solve more puzzles, and also dodge a few Hogwashes, along with Zingers, who can hurt a monkey with one touch. They should also find the letter K as they travel along. Soon, the group will ride up a narrow, blue pathway and go around the area to get in the correct direction. They will get the letter O when they move across, and later see the letter N next to a Zinger, whom they must dodge as they go. After that, the Kongs need to avoid a few more Zingers as they travel east. They'll eventually reach the letter G, as well as another platform to jump on. They must guide it only a short way, and then jump over a Zinger to a cloud. Once they move across it for a while, they will finally find a portal leading out of the level.

Bonus Area(s)[edit]

  • When the Kongs are on the third platform, they should see three bananas floating off the blue path. If they jump up to them, they should see a barrel. The Kongs must land into this barrel to enter the Bonus Area. Here, they will in the underwater ruins, where they need to simply swim around several undersea enemies and collect bananas. Soon, they will get to the end of the stage and exit it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 空中迷路
Air Maze
Spanish Laberinto aéreo Aerial labyrinth