Nautilus Chase

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Nautilus Chase
Nautilus Chase.png
World-Level 2-6
Game Donkey Kong Land
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Nautilus Chase is the fifteenth level in the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong Land. It is also the sixth area in the sunken city of Kremlantis.

In the second and final coral reef level, the Kongs will face one of the toughest foes in the game, Nemos. These enemies will chase the Kongs throughout most of the level when passed, so Donkey and Diddy Kong can not dawdle. The Nemos can move at a quick speed, and to make things harder, there are a few other enemies to get in the way. Of these few enemies are the ape-eating Chomps and the dangerous Clambos, as well as many generic fish enemies. This level also proves to be much longer than others, because, unlike most levels, this one features three Continue Points throughout it, instead of one. Although it is a long level, though, no Bonus Areas are present in it.

Level Layout[edit]

Once the underwater level begins, the Kongs must swim between the coral and come up to the first Nemo. Although the level's first Nemo, it will chase the Kongs quickly, as they travel around the curving path, surrounded by walls of coral. Soon, the foe will stop, and the heroes will have to swim north, while watching out for enemies, such as a Fangfish. Shortly after, they will need to swim through a narrow path without hitting any Clambos or other fish. The Kongs must continue to swim around the twists and turns of the path, until they finally find the first Continue Point.

After hitting the icon, the heroes should keep moving through the level and watch out for more Clambos, until they meet another dangerous Nemo. This one will chase the Kongs as they loop up the path and begin to journey east. Eventually, though, it will stop, and they will only have to watch out for the usual predators. Once passing two Clambos, the next Nemo will come from out from behind a Fangfish and chase the heroes. As the wild chase progresses, Donkey and Diddy Kong will come up to another Continue Point.

Although they may have hit the Continue Point, though, the Kongs must continue to swim away from the fierce foe behind them. When they near a DK Barrel, the Nemo will, luckily, cease to follow them. Therefore, they can keep traveling through the level at a normal pace, as they paddle through the water between more coral. Soon, they will make their way up to another tight area, where they will have to swim around a few more Clambos. After this, the Kongs must swim north. Suddenly, as they make their way through the area, a Nemo will shoot up out of nowhere and chase the heroes again. The Kongs will have to swim around the corals and follow banana trails as they swim as fast as they can to avoid the strange foe. This Nemo will chase them for a long time, and to make things worse, there are some enemies in the way to attack. As they near the chase, the Kongs will pass the next Continue Point.

From there, the heroes must swim a little farther. After passing a few Clambos, the Nemo will stop chasing them. However, another Nemo will be seen hiding nearby, and it will begin to charge at the group for a while. Eventually, they will enter a maze or coral platforms, filled with a few more underwater foes. At this point, though, the Nemo will cease to chase them, and the Kongs can take their time as they make their way east. Soon, they will make it to the far end of the area, where they must travel downwards into a tight space and continue to swim between the curving path. Once the heroes dodge a few Chomps, they will enter an area with a portal. When they come up to it, it will suck them out of the level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノーチラスの追跡
Nōchirasu no tsuiseki
Tracking of Nautilis
Spanish La persecución de Nautilus Literal translation