Swirlwind Storm

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Swirlwind Storm
Swirlwind Storm.png
World-Level 2-7
Game Donkey Kong Land
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Swirlwind Storm is the sixteenth level in the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong Land. It is also the seventh area of Kremlantis, the game's second world.

This level is the third temple level in the game and seems to be dedicated to tires, as there are several Swirlwinds throughout this level that can help the Kongs jump over enemies or get on high platforms. There is also a Bonus Area filled with stationary tires, which help them collect many bananas. A few moving ropes can be found here, though, and the heroes can ride across large abysses with them. Although no new enemies appear in Swirlwind Storm, Kremlings, a lone Army, and Slippas are scattered throughout the area, as well as Zingers, who populate most of the level.

Level Layout[edit]

From the start of this level, the Kongs must travel east. They will have to jump over a Zinger and onto a Swirlwind. With it, they must bounce over to the next Zinger and jump over it. They will get off the tire, and soon climb up a small ledge to another Swirlwind. They must use this to bounce farther in mid-air, until they get to a ledge that will block the tire's path. After that, they should bounce off another tire over a small ledge and then get on another Swirlwind. It won't take them a long distance through the air, tough, as not long after they get on, it will fall right into a hole. After this, they must use a stationary tire to cross a gap, and then get to yet another Swirlwind. They don't need to get on it, however, since it won't take them too far at all. From this point, the heroes need to hop over two gaps, while avoiding Kremlings, and get on a rope. It will move to the right when they get on, so they can ride along it until they are able to reach the next ledge, where they'll need to use another Swirlwind to grab onto the next rope. Again, it will move to the right, and the heroes will have to dodge a few Zingers as it moves. They can jump off to the next ledge when it makes its way to the other side. They must continue east from here, where they will find the Continue Point.

After this, the heroes must keep going east and drop down a few ledges to another Swirlwind. It will help them bounce over a Zinger. When the Swirlwind falls into the hole in the ground, the group should hop over the nearby gap and use another Swirlwind to cross the following gap. Then, they will have to keep moving on, until they see another Swirlwind. If the Kongs want the letter N in the nearby hole, though, they should try to jump over this Swirlwind. They must continue east after that, and later use another Swirlwind to bounce them up to a high up rope, and then jump off to the ledge on the right side of them. From here, the group will see two Swirlwinds near each other. They may use these if they like, but the tires are not important at this part of the level. Then, they must cross a small abyss. After this point, the Kongs need to jump high into the air to get up ledges, which have Swirlwinds right in the end of them. If the Kongs don't jump high enough, they'll get hurt from one of the obstacles. Once up these ledges, the group should get on the next Swirlwind and ride down a few small ledges with it. When it falls in a hole, they must leave it and keep moving eastward, where they'll find several bananas, as well as a portal. It will take them out of the level.

Bonus Area(s)[edit]

  • When the heroes get on the second Swirlwind past the letter O, they should travel west with it and look up. They will see a lone banana floating in to air. If they bounce up to it, they'll be taken to the Bonus Area. Here, the Kongs must hop off of a few stationary tires and collect several bananas as they go. At the end of the stage, they will land in a barrel, which will shoot them back to the main level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トルネードの遺跡
Torunēdo no iseki
Tornado Ruins
Spanish Ruinas Tornado Tornado Ruins