Pot Hole Panic (Donkey Kong Land)

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Pot Hole Panic
Pot Hole Panic DKL.png
World-Level 3-1
Game Donkey Kong Land
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Pot Hole Panic is the seventeenth level in Donkey Kong Land, as well as the first area in Monkey Mountains.

This cavern level must be explored carefully by the Kongs, as enemies are lurking all around. Of these enemies are Zingers, Armies, Klaptraps, Krushas, and even the rare foe, Necky. Each enemy contributes to the level's difficulty, as well as the several pits found throughout the cave. Tires also appear a few times in this dark, damp level, and they help the heroes reach higher ledges and get over the many abysses. Rambi can also be found in a Bonus Area.

Level Layout[edit]

From the start of the level, the Kongs must travel to the right and bounce off of a tire to reach a high up DK Barrel. After this, they have to walk a little farther into the dark cave. There are several ledges that they must climb up, and once up them all, the Kongs should see a big wall in the way. They can crawl into the small space under it and get to the other side of it. This must be done again, as there is another wall in the Kongs' path. After they get under all the walls, the heroes must ride across a small platform to get across a wide gap. Once they are over this pit, they should make their way down a large ledge and crawl under a wall, followed by a second one. Getting this obstacle done takes the Kongs to an area with a dangerous Krusha. They need to jump over the foe and continue on. Another pit must be crossed after this. Donkey and Diddy Kong should use a nearby platform to cross it, and then jump over a lone Zinger to get to the other end safely. After this, they need to use a tire to reach a high ledge, and then walk down several ledges. These ledges are occupied by Kritters and other foes, so the Kongs should be careful. Soon, the heroes make it to the end of a ledge, which they should jump off to find the Continue Point.

From this point, the group should find a tire laying around. They should push it under some Zingers and down a ledge, then stop. With the tire, they should bounce to a high ledge. Here, there is a DK Barrel to break, and the Kongs must carry on from here. After cross a small pit, they must keep going east and defeat a Kritter. Walking a little farther takes them to a Necky, who has to be avoided at all costs. The heroes need to dodge a few more enemies after that and soon cross another wide abyss with the aid of a moving platform. As the platform swings over the pit, the Kongs must jump over a Zinger and land on another platform. This one takes them to the other side of the pit, where they can see a portal. It takes them out of the level.

Bonus Area(s)[edit]

  • Before the letter O, the Kongs should find the second tire in the level. They should push it along the path and under a wall. After getting under one of the walls, the heroes should notice a barrel above them. With the tire, they must bounce up to the barrel and be shot to this Bonus Area. Here, they should break open a nearby crate and find Rambi in it. They must get on the Animal Buudy's back and ride him through the bonus. Rambi needs to charge into a few Kritters and then cross a small gap to find a large group of bananas. Once these are collected, the animals can exit the level by using a nearby barrel. Once out of the Bonus Area, the Kongs no longer have Rambi with them.
  • Just before the letter N, there is a tire on a ledge. If the Kongs carefully push it left, they can then push it to the right on the lower path, where they have to avoid a few Zingers. Soon, they'll come across a tall line of bananas. By pushing the tire to this spot and bouncing on it, the Kongs can bounce up to the barrel where in the Bonus Area, they can find the G, but must also watch out for the Mincer here.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふもとの洞窟
Fumoto no dōkutsu
Foothill Cave
Spanish Pánico en la cueva Panic in the cave