Tricky Temple

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Tricky Temple
Tricky Temple.png
Level code 2-1
Game Donkey Kong Land
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Tricky Temple[1] is the tenth level of Donkey Kong Land and the first level of Kremlantis.

Tricky Temple is the first temple level in the game. Like the temple levels from Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must jump across several gaps and up to several ledges. Kritters and Slippas are common enemies, Armies make their second appearance, and Krushas first appear in the level. Rambi the Rhino appears in the Bonus Level but cannot be taken into the main level.


Diddy Kong encounters a Slippa in Tricky Temple from Donkey Kong Land
Diddy encounters a Slippa

From the start of the level, the heroes must travel east. They will jump up a rather small ledge and then jump down to the other side of it. Here, they need to climb up two more ledges, one with a Kremling on it, and then walk a little farther. They will meet the game's first Krusha, who is too strong to beat with Diddy Kong, therefore, Donkey Kong must defeat him. After this, the Kongs must jump down a few ledges, some with Kremlings on them, and continue on, where they'll get to the letter K. They need to keep going east from there, and dodge a few enemies, then jump up a small ledge. At this point, the Kongs need to go down a few ledges, and also grab a Kong Token on the way. Without touching the Kremling above, they need to leap up another ledge and move on. They will later hop up more ledges and go over a gap, where they will find the first Slippa in the level. After it is defeated, the group should jump up all the ledges. At some point, they will have to avoid two Kremlings, who are bouncing one ledge to the next. When the Kongs pass them, they must fall down another ledge, which is too large to get back up. If the Kongs continue east, they'll get to the Continue Point.

From there, they need to drop down another large ledge and hop across a small gap. A Red Balloon floats between the sides of the abyss, so they should act fast and get it, before it rises too high. After that, the heroes must keep going and avoid some Kremlings. Soon, they will have to drop down a small ledge and jump across another gap. Here, they will see a lone tire, which they should bounce off of to reach the top of the next high ledge. From this point, the group needs to jump across another gap, and get up a few small ledges. Nasty Kremlings will be bouncing down these ledges, so they must be careful. Eventually, when the Kongs are up the ledges, they must hop across several abysses. Enemies are placed between each gap to attack them, but can easily be beat with a simple jump. When this part is over, the heroes must defeat an Army, and then grab onto the rope nearby. It will automatically begin to swing them to the other side of a large abyss. Then, they should collect all the bananas they see, and walk more eastward to a portal, which will take them out of the level.



K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: Found on the ground near some Bananas.
  • O: On a raised platform between two jumping Kritters.
  • N: On another raised platform, under one Kritter.
  • G: Hovering within jump distance of the rope swing at the end.

Bonus Level[edit]

Diddy Kong ducking next to the Blast Barrel leading to the Bonus Level of Tricky Temple in Donkey Kong Land
Diddy ducks next to the Blast Barrel leading to the Bonus Level
Image Location
The Bonus Level of Tricky Temple in Donkey Kong Land Near the end of the level and before the only rope in the level, the Kongs must go through an area with many abysses. They must jump into the abyss after a Kritter to be caught in a Blast Barrel that takes them to the Bonus Level. The Bonus Level takes place in an industrial-like area with metallic floors. At the start, the Kongs can optionally break a Rambi Crate to ride Rambi. There are many bananas that the Kongs can collect along the way. There are three Kritters and four Slippas that the Kongs encounter along the way. At the end, the Kongs must jump into a Barrel Cannon, which blasts them into a Blast Barrel that takes them back into the main level. Rambi is left behind when the Kongs enter the Barrel Cannon.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリッターの遺跡
Kurittā no iseki
Kritter Ruins
Italian Il tempio pericoloso[2] The dangerous temple
Spanish Templo intrincado Intricate temple


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