Riggin' Rumble

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Riggin' Rumble
Riggin' Rumble.png
World-Level 1-7
Game Donkey Kong Land
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Riggin' Rumble is the seventh level in Donkey Kong Land. It is also the seventh level in Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!, the game's first world.

This is the game's second and final ship level (excluding the boss level and other Bonus Areas). The Kongs have to climb many ropes here to reach the other side of a huge ship, known as Gangplank Galleon. To make their adventure harder here, the Kongs encounter strange enemies, resembling Slippas, sliding down many of the area's ropes. One touch of these foes, and one of the Kongs fall off the rope, only to be rescued by a DK Barrel. Other enemies that stand in the heroes' ways here are Klaptraps, Armies, Hogwashes, Kritters, and Zingers.

Level Layout[edit]

When they begin the level, the Kongs must walk along the deck of a ship, going east, and avoiding several enemies. Soon, they come up to a large wall in their way. To get up the wall, they must use a nearby set of ropes and jump up to a higher area. There, they find the first Continue Point. From there, the Kongs need to grab onto more sets of ropes and jump across them. As they go, they grab the letter K and have to climb up to the above yard on the final rope. When up on this yard, the heroes must travel to the right and jump across many thin platforms, without bumping into any Kritters. Soon, they need to sneak under a Zinger and come up to a huge set of ropes. They should use the ropes to get over the large abyss below them. As they climb, they have to watch out for dangerous Slippas sliding down the area. Once on the other end of the abyss, the group must walk along the deck, avoiding several Kritters, Slippas, and Zingers. They soon make it to another set of ropes to climb up. Getting up the ropes guides the Kongs to a yard, which they should continue eastward on. On the end of the yard, they must use some more ropes to cross a smaller abyss and find another Continue Point.

About halfway through the level, the Kongs have to grab onto a huge path of ropes and begin to climb. As they move around the curvy ropes, they have to dodge many Slippas sliding down them. Shortly after collecting the letter N, the heroes make it past this ropey area. Right after that, though, they need to climb down another bunch of ropes and come up to a tire on a small platform. The tire helps them cross a small gap. From there, the group must cling onto some more ropes and climb across a large abyss, trying not to hit any Slippas. Once on the other side of this gap, they should continue east and soon make it to several ropes. They must jump to each one and cross a wide gap. As they hop along these ropes, the must beware of Slippas and even Zingers moving all around the area. Eventually, the Kongs cross the pits and have to bounce off of a tire. If they move to the west as they are in the air, they land on a yard. Climbing up it takes them to the third Continue Point.

At that point, the group must head east and shoot through a barrel to land in front of a tire. From there, they have to journey more eastward and jump off of a few platforms. On the last one, they must bounce off of another tire to cross a large abyss. On the other end, they should keep going the same direction as usual and use some ropes to cross another abyss. Once over this, they encounter a portal. When they get into it, it takes them to the next level.

Bonus Area(s)[edit]

  • On the yard right before the second Continue Point, the heroes must walk west. When they are on the right end, they should drop down a ledge and land in a barrel. It shoots them to the Bonus Area. There, the Kongs must jump on a platform and grab some bananas and a few Kong Tokens. As they do this, though, they have to watch out for a Mincer that is quickly moving around the area. Once done collecting, they must exit the bonus by walking into a barrel nearby.
  • Around the letter N, the Kongs have to get across a series of ropes and jump up a set of platforms. They can see a banana trail in the air in front of them. The heroes must jump and follow this trail to land on an area on the ship that breaks, revealing a rope. If they grab onto this rope, the Kongs are lead to a Bonus Area. There, they need to use a few moving platforms to travel across a small jungle area. As they get through the area, they can hop up and grab some Kong Tokens. When they are done, the Kongs must exit by walking to the far left part of the bonus.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 海賊船2
Kaizoku-sen 2
Pirate Ship 2
Spanish Pelea entre los aparejos Fight among the riggings