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“The Swirlwind can either help or hinder Kong's progress, depending on how you approach it. Jump on top, and it serves as a convenient, if a bit swirly, moving platform. Approach it from the side, and you'll be damaged by its windy vortex.”
Donkey Kong Land manual, page 21
Swirlwind 01.png
First appearance Donkey Kong Land (1995)

A Swirlwind is a Tornado-like obstacle that appears in Donkey Kong Land. They first appear in Snake Charmer's Challenge, but only for a brief moment. However, they are found again in the level, Swirlwind Storm, and are the main obstacles of the stage.

Swirlwinds are not like ordinary obstacles from the game. These objects begin to move as soon as the Kongs get close. They will continue to follow the Kongs throughout the level, until it falls into a hole or abyss. With Swirlwinds, the Kongs can collect items high in the air, get into Bonus Levels and reach high ledges or ropes. Although Swirlwinds help the Kongs, they can also damage them if a Kong touches the side of it. They may also cause the Kongs to fall in an abyss when it drops down into one.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トルネード[1]


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