Reef Rampage

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Reef Rampage
Reef Rampage.png
Level code 2-3
World Kremlantis
Game Donkey Kong Land
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Reef Rampage[1] is the twelfth level of Donkey Kong Land and the third level of Kremlantis. After completing the level, the Kongs can take a fork in the level's path; going up leads to Snake Charmer's Challenge while going right leads to Chomp's Coliseum.


Reef Rampage is the first level to take place around a coral reef. The level mainly involves Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong swimming through tight passages within the coral reefs while avoiding numerous enemies along the path. The enemies include Fangfish, Gloops, and Flappers. Throughout the level are rapidly-moving Mincers, who make their first level appearance outside of Bonus Areas. The Kongs can swim through the coral reefs to enter areas leading to Kong Tokens and bananas.

Reef Rampage is long because of the two Continue Points that appear throughout it. There are no Bonus Areas in the level.


From the start of the level, the heroes must swim down and follow a formation of bananas, creating an arrow, east. As they swim around the coral and other undersea plants, they will have to avoid several Fangfish. Soon, the Kongs will need to quickly sneak past a fast Mincer and dodge some more foes, including a Flapper. Progressing through the level, the heroes will swim south and encounter more fast-moving Mincers. They are followed by another Mincers, who will travel in a circle through a rather large area. Once the Kongs swim under or over the enemies, they will finally come up to a Continue Point.

At this point in the level, the Kongs must dodge a few more Gloop, as well as some more Mincers, moving at a slow pace. After that, the heroes will need to avoid several Flappers as they drop down farther into the depths of the ocean. Down here, they must journey through a tight space and dodge a Fangfish, as well as two more Mincers. The path will soon become wider, and the heroes will have to avoid some more underwater foes. As usual, they will pass several Mincers and Gloop as they make their way east. At some point, though, they must travel south, where they will find the second Continue Point.

From here, the heroes should continue downwards and follow a banana trail around a dangerous Mincer. They will need to keep going through the level, and surpass the twists and turns of the area, as well as several more Mincers moving about. Eventually, they will have to swim south and get even deeper into the water, while watching out for a couple of Flappers. After this, the Kongs will enter an open area with a Mincer moving through the water in a circle. They must dodge the foe and travel down more. Here, Diddy and Donkey Kong will have to maneuver around three Mincers and some normal fish to progress through the stage. Swimming a little bit farther east will take the Kongs to even more Mincers and some Fangfish. Once the heroes avoid the quick Mincers in some tight spaces, they will find three Kong Tokens right on the main path, which can be useful on their adventure. These coins are followed by a nearby portal. It will take the group out of the level.


Items and objects[edit]

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: After the two Flappers, go all the way down the coral reef and make a right.
  • O: The "O" is in plain sight after the narrow passage with Flappers.
  • N: After the second checkpoint, it is to the lower right.
  • G: Underneath two Mincers.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サンゴの海
Sango no umi
Sea of Coral
Italian La rampa[2] The ramp
Spanish Estampida en el arrecife Stampede in the reef


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