Button Barrel Blast

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Button Barrel Blast
Button Barrel Blast.png
Level code 4-6
World Big Ape City
Game Donkey Kong Land
Music track Construction Site
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Button Barrel Blast[1] is the twenty-ninth level in Donkey Kong Land and the sixth level of Big Ape City.

Button Barrel Blast is the second construction site level. Its main feature Button Barrels, which otherwise only appear in Bonus Areas in some earlier levels. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must jump on the buttons to correctly aim a Barrel Cannon. This way, the Kongs can shoot up to a higher ledge. Sometimes, the Kongs can aim the Barrel Cannon into another direction to blast up into a Blast Barrel and access a Bonus Area; a floating banana hints to the location of a Bonus Level. Although it is one of the last levels, Button Barrel Blast only has a few types of enemies, including several Gnawties and some Armys. One Zingers appears in the first Bonus Area, and two Mincers appear in the second Bonus Area.


From the start of the level, the Kongs must cross a small gap and defeat a few Gnawties. After beating the enemies, they need to jump on the button nearby to slightly turn the barrel to the left of it. After the barrel points to the above Banana Bunches, they must shoot through it and get up to the higher ledge. Then, the Kongs should watch out for a few more Gnawties and then hit another button to change the position of the nearby barrel, which can blast them to the above DK Barrel. After that, they should travel east and defeat two Armies. When they are beat, the Kongs need to continue forward and cross a few abysses. Soon, they reach another Button Barrel. They must aim the barrel with the button next to it, and shoot to the letter K. After that, they land on a long platform, where they find the next Button Barrel. Once it is aimed to the right side, the Kongs must jump in it, and shoot to another Button Barrel. The barrel should already be pointing at the right angle, so they can simply hop into that and shoot to the next platform and hit the Continue Point.

Now halfway through the level, the Kongs needs to aim the next Button Barrel to the right and shoot to a small platform with it. Here, they must leap into a barrel that should already be aimed correctly, and blast another small platform. Here, they hit another Button Barrel and shoot towards the banana path. Here, they land on the next platform and defeat two Gnawties. Once they are beat, the Kongs need to hop into nearby barrels to the right and shoot over to another small platform. In this area, the Kongs must aim the next Button Barrel and shoot a long distance to the final platform. A portal leading out of the level is right above where they land.


Items and objects[edit]

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: Obtained by getting launched out of a barrel cannon.
  • O: In the first bonus level.
  • N: In the second bonus level.
  • G: The Kongs are launched into the "G" near the end of the level.

Bonus Areas[edit]

Image Description
Donkey Kong encounters a Zinger in the first Bonus Area of Button Barrel Blast in Donkey Kong Land After the letter K, the active Kong must continue across a construction girder until reaching a button at the end. Instead of having the Blast Barrel point northeast to the main path, the Kong must jump on the button until it faces downward at a banana. Donkey Kong or Diddy must then jump into the Blast Barrel to blast down into the first Bonus Area. The area takes place in a cavern. The Kongs must get across a gap by jumping over a Zinger and landing on a temporary cloud platform. Right as they land, Donkey Kong or Diddy must jump up to the letter O and walk into an opening to the right.
The letter N in Button Barrel Blast When the Kongs get to the first Button Barrel after the Continue Point, they must jump on a button until the Blast Barrel aims to the bottom-right to another Blast Barrel, which blasts the Kongs left and into the second Bonus Area. Alternatively, if the Kongs take the main path by aiming the Blast Barrel northeast to a trail of bananas, they can roll-jump left to land into the second Blast Barrel. The Bonus Area takes place in a jungle. Donkey Kong or Diddy must walk between two Mincers and jump up to a Kong Token, then walk past the second Mincer and jump to the second Kong Token and the letter N. An opening to the right takes the Kongs back to the main level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボタンバレル
Botan Bareru
Button Barrel
Italian Il colpo del pulsante[2] The button bang
Spanish Barriles explosivos Explosive barrels



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