Hogwash the Flying Pig

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Hogwash the Flying Pig
Hogwash the flying pig.png
Artwork of a Hogwash from Donkey Kong Land
First appearance Donkey Kong Land (1995)
“Flying pigs? Something's not kosher in Donkey Kong Land! Like Necky, these porcine pilots patrol the airways and always seem to violate Kong's airspace at inopportune moments.”
Donkey Kong Land manual, page 20

Hogwash the Flying Pig[1] is a flying pig enemy in Donkey Kong Land, as well as the children's novel, Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle. Their name comes from the word "hogwash", which is used to express nonsense or bunk. Their ability to fly is based on "when pigs fly", an idiom said by a person who believes something to be impossible.

Hogwashes are notable for being one of the few enemies who appear in the Donkey Kong Land series but not the Donkey Kong Country series of games. During the development of Donkey Kong Land, Hogwashes were known as Rashers[2]. This name alludes to a slang term for bacon, a type of pork product.


Donkey Kong Land[edit]

In Donkey Kong Land, Hogwashes are used by the Kremling Krew during their re-conquest of Donkey Kong Island. These pigs are basic air-grunts, roaming the skies for intruders. They normally fly back and forth or in one direction, and can be defeated with one single jump, similarly to Neckies from Donkey Kong Country and Flitters from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.


Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle[edit]

“Those pigs must be the Krem-dudes' newest experiment.”
Funky Kong, Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle
The front cover of the novel displays two Hogwashes.

In the 1995 novel Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle loosely based on Donkey Kong Land, a swarm of Hogwashes (referred to as "flying pigs") are revealed to have shot explosive cannonballs at Funky Kong's barrel plane, causing it to crash land over Big Ape City. Hearing this occurring over a walkie-talkie, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Cranky Kong travel to the Kremlings' factory in Big Ape City to rescue him. At the city, they learn that it was the Kremlings' automatic defense system who had sent the Hogwashes to shoot down Funky's plane, as he was thought to be a spy.

After Funky Kong is rescued, he begins working on repairing his damaged plane. Donkey Kong proceeds to the factory's defense system, and uses a TNT Barrel to destroy it so the Kongs can safely leave Big Ape City. Once the plane is repaired, the Kongs leave through a hole in the factory wall. Despite the defense system being destroyed, another swarm of flying pigs attempt to attack the plane. Funky Kong has the idea to pour the plane's entire supply of banana milkshake over the pigs. This causes their wings to become sticky, which forces them to glide back to the ground. The Kongs later use TNT Barrels to blow up the entire factory, escaping safely in their plane.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フライングピッグ
Furaingu Piggu
Flying Pig



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