Oil Drum Slum

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Oil Drum Slum
Oil Drum Slum.png
Level code 4-7
Game Donkey Kong Land
Music track Building Site
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Oil Drum Slum[1] is the thirtieth and final level in Donkey Kong Land and the seventh level of Big Ape City.


Oil Drum Slum takes place on a series of skyscrapers. It is one of the longest levels in the game. It combines elements from the previous city-themed level, Skyscraper Caper and the Donkey Kong Country level, Oil Drum Alley. As the level's name suggests, there are several oil drums, which act as platforms for crossing wide gaps. Some oil drums have a pattern of briefly releasing flames, which hurt Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong if they come in contact with it. Some oil drums always release flames, and they are hazards which must be avoided by the Kongs. There are some tires and ropes which the Kongs can use to reach higher areas. Like Skyscraper Caper, the ropes pull the Kongs either up or down.


From the start of the level, the Kongs must walk eastward and defeat a few Gnawties until they come up to a wide gap. It will have to be crossed by using an oil drum. When they get over this gap, they'll have to get over another one with a second oil drum. Shortly after this area, the heroes must bounce off of a Kritter and grab onto a rope. It will pull them upwards to a higher area. There, they must jump over an oil drum ,without hitting the flame coming out of it, and then encounter another abyss. As before, they should use the oil drum in the center of it to cross. After that, the Kongs will need to hop over a couple of other oil drums to progress to the letter K, as well as a barrel. The heroes should get in the barrel and blast to the next area above them. There, they must jump over a few small gaps to find the Continue Point.

From there, the Kongs will have to travel east and jump to a few platforms to find a rope, With it, they should move over an abyss. However, as the rope pulls to the right, they will need to be on the lookout for a Zinger. Over the gap, they must bounce off of a tire to land on a high-up oil drum. Quickly, they should leap to the right of it and land on another platform, before the drum's flames hit them. Jumping up a few more platforms will take the Kongs to the next area. There, they must journey west and jump atop two oil drums to cross a wide abyss. On the other side of this pit, they will have to walk a long distance to the left and grab onto a rope. It will pull them higher up a skyscraper. As it takes them upwards, the Kongs should beware of some Zingers flying along the area. When they get off the rope, the heroes must head east again and jump over a few more platforms. Soon, they will find the second Continue Point.

At that point, they will have to cross another abyss with a lone oil drum and then hop up several platforms to reach yet another area of a skyscraper. Up there, they must use two oil drums to reach an even higher level. This must be done quickly, though, as the flames in the drums shoot out fast. Once up, the Kongs will need to journey west and two more drums to get over the largest pit yet. After they get over it, they will need to dodge a Krusha and hop up some nearby platforms to reach a rope. As usual, it will pull them upwards to the next area. There, they should head east, jumping around several larger platforms, and also hopping over a few Krushas. Soon, they will encounter another abyss. The only way to cross it, as before, is to use the two oil drums scattered around it. Once they get over this gap, they will find a portal. After they jump into this portal, they will be taken to the final battle.


Items and objects[edit]

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: Above an abyss proceeding two oil drums that are on fire.
  • O: On the second rope that slides upward.
  • N: A Zinger flies on the "N" Letter, found shortly before the second checkpoint.
  • G: On an awning seen shortly after the TNT Barrel.

Bonus Areas[edit]

Image Location
Diddy Kong swims to two Extra Life Balloons in the first Bonus Level of Oil Drum Slum When the Kongs climb up the rope with the letter O on it, they must jump at a tire to the left to bounce onto a nearby platform. They must walk into a Blast Barrel to be blasted to a Bonus Area where they will need to swim in a narrow underwater path. They must avoid a Gloop, Fangfish, and Chomps along the way. There are four Red Balloons on the other end, which the Kong can collect before they float away, and the exit back to the main level.
Diddy Kong jumps up some ship masts in the second Bonus Level of Oil Drum Slum Near the end of level, the Kongs find a Krusha and the only TNT Barrel of the level near an oil drum blocking the ledge to the right. The Kong must pick throw a TNT Barrel at the oil drum and take the hidden path to find the Blast Barrel that takes them to the Bonus Area. The second Bonus Area takes place on a ship deck, where three Extra Life Balloons slowly float up the area. The Kongs can follow the items by going up the ship deck, climbing some ropes and blasting from a Barrel Cannon. An Blast Barrel is on top of the mast, and it takes the Kongs back into the main level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オイル缶スラム
Oiru kan suramu
Oil Drum Slum
Italian La raffineria[2] The refinery
Spanish Pelea en aceite Fight in oil


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