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"Kremlantis" redirects here. For information about a specific level within this world, also called "Kremlantis" according to the seventy-fourth issue of Nintendo Power, see Kremlantis Kaos.
Appearance Donkey Kong Land
Levels 8
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Kremlantis is a large, semi-submerged island and the second area ventured through in the game Donkey Kong Land. The name Kremlantis is a portmanteau of Kremling and Atlantis, a legendary and ancient sunken city.

The small portion of Kremlantis that is above the surface of the water is rather small and bleak, a stark contrast to what the Kongs find below. The submerged portion of Kremlantis consists of a large series of ruins and temples constructed in a labyrinth-like manner. Along with the various temples on Kremlantis, other notable features include a statue depicting the Giant Clam and expansive fields of seaweed.

Due to the fact that the area is completely underwater, aquatic enemies, such as Chomps, Fangfish, and Nemoes are found in large abundance in Kremlantis. The boss of Kremlantis is found in the eastern quadrant of Kremlantis.


Below are the levels seen in Kremlantis.

  1. Tricky Temple
  2. Kremlantis Kaos
  3. Reef Rampage
  4. Snake Charmer's Challenge
  5. Chomp's Coliseum
  6. Nautilus Chase
  7. Swirlwind Storm
  8. Seabed Showdown

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 巨大遺跡
Kyodai Iseki
Gigantic Ruins
Spanish Ruinas gigantes Gigantic ruins