Construction Site Fight

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Construction Site Fight
World-Level 4-1
Game Donkey Kong Land
Music Building Site
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Construction Site Fight is the twenty-fourth level in the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong Land. It is also the first area in the Big Ape City.

This is the first skyscraper level of the game. It is also filled with one of the most unique obstacles in the game, balloons. There are dozens of balloons scattered throughout the whole level, and they must be used as platforms to cross wide abysses. The balloons also prove to be a tough obstacle, as they are very small and easy to fall off of as they shoot up and down, therefore making the level much harder. There are also several kinds of enemies in Construction Site Fight, including Gnawties, Zingers, Armies, Kritters and Hogwashes.

This level is known as Construction Site Fight, although it does not take place in a construction site. The level is also strangely filled with balloons, though the level's title does not make note of that as it normally would. However, another level, Balloon Barrage, takes place in a construction site, and does not have balloons. Because of this the level names are incorrect, and should be switched around to match the correct description. Therefore, it was very likely that there was an error in the instruction booklet during the creation of Donkey Kong Land. This error was not addressed in the digital manual for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console version.


DK jumps toward a formation of bananas and a Kritter.

From the start of the level, the Kongs must ride up a balloon to break open a DK Barrel. They must walk on to the next balloon and ride it up to a high platform, where the Kongs will encounter a wide abyss. It will have to be crossed using the balloons floating around above it. After jumping to each balloon and getting across, they must jump down a few platforms and come up to another pit. Again, balloons should be used to cross it. Once the heroes jump off of the final balloon in this area, they will land on a tire to bounce off of and land farther through the level to another gap. Only one balloon is needed to get over this. When they are over the pit, the group must jump onto more balloon platforms and make it too a safe area, with only a few Gnawties. A few steps from there will lead the Kongs to yet another abyss. With balloons, it must be crossed. On the other end of this gap is the Continue Point.

From there, the Kongs must keep going east and hop atop several more balloons to cross a wide abyss. On the other side of the abyss, they must walk along a rather long path and soon come up to another gap. As usual, they will need to jump balloon-to-balloon, until they reach the next solid platform. There, they must defeat a Hogwash and hop over a small gap. The Kongs will then near yet another gap. With balloons, they will have to shoot upwards and get to a high ledge of a skyscraper. Walking along this path will take them to one of the level's final abysses. The Kongs must hop to many several balloons than before, and watch out for enemies to make it to the other end of the abyss. Shortly after landing, though, they will have to yet again jump to several balloons over a wide pit. Once they get over each of the balloons, they will be on a long area outside of a skyscraper. If they travel a little farther, they'll find a portal. When they jump into it, it will take them to the next level.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: Found between two balloon platforms.
  • O: Between a balloon and a building with two Gnawty.
  • N: In the second bonus stage.
  • G: Above a Zinger, between two balloons.

Bonus Areas[edit]

  • When the heroes begin the level, they should jump on the first balloon they see. As it glides upwards, they must look to the left and spot a barrel. Once they jump into this, they will be shot to the Bonus Area. In this special level, the group must hop atop a small platform and ride along a thin, blue path. As the platform moves around the area, they should try to collect the Kong Tokens above them in the air. To reach the end of the bonus, the Kongs will have to jump to more than one platform to progress, thus making the area harder to journey through. Once done collecting, the heroes should exit the Bonus Area by hopping into a nearby barrel.
  • While riding on the balloon platforms over the abyss before the letter G, the Kongs should search around the upper part of the area. As one of the balloons move upwards, they will see a barrel. They should jump into it and begin the Bonus Area. There, they must use a platform to travel over the blue area, just as the Kongs did before in the level Sky High Caper. While they go, they will have to try and grab as many Kong Tokens as they can find, but without leading the platform off-track. When they are done, the group can exit using a nearby barrel.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルーン・リフト
Barūn Rifuto
Balloon Lift
Spanish Bombardeo de globos Balloon barrage