List of Donkey Kong Land staff

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This page is a list of staff who was involved with the development of the game Donkey Kong Land.

Main Programming[edit]

  • Paul Machacek

Support Programming[edit]

  • Steve Patrick
  • Oliver Norton


  • Dean Smith

Sprite Graphics[edit]

Additional Graphics[edit]

  • Neil Crook

Graphic Manipulation[edit]

  • Martin Wakely
  • Chris Peil

Music and Sound[edit]

  • Dave Wise
  • Graeme Norgate


  • Huw Ward
  • Gary Richards
  • John Hastie

Nintendo Testing[edit]

Product Manager[edit]

  • Simon Farmer

Nintendo Product Manager[edit]

  • Dan Owsen

Technical Support[edit]

  • Pete Cox

Alias and S.G. Support[edit]

  • Paul Mikell

Special Thanks[edit]

  • Joel Hochberg
  • Mike Fukuda
  • Shigeru Miyamoto
  • Masato Hatakeyama
  • Shigeki Yamashiro
  • Tony Harman

Original Donkey Kong Character[edit]

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

Game Design[edit]

  • Andrew Collard

Game Concept[edit]

  • Tim Stamper

Produced by Rare

Presented by Nintendo