Wild Sting Fling

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Wild Sting Fling
Donkey Kong fighting Wild Sting in Wild Sting Fling.
Level code 1-10
World Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!
Game Donkey Kong Land
Boss Wild Sting
Music track Boss
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Wild Sting Fling[1] is the boss level of Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!, the first world of the game Donkey Kong Land. The Kongs must defeat the titular stingray, Wild Sting, to progress to Kremlantis.


Although Wild Sting is a stingray, the fight takes place in a single-screen area, which is mostly flat barring two small ledges slightly elevated on the far left and right of the screen. While no Buddy Barrel is broken on-screen, both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are available to the player from the start of the fight, regardless of their previous status.

In the battle, Wild Sting flies in from a top corner of the screen and swoops down in smooth arcs. The Kong can attack Wild Sting by jumping on it, causing Wild Sting to bounce off-screen and reemerge from a top corner again. Wild Sting is unaffected by a barrel roll or cartwheel.

After each hit, it moves around faster horizontally, meaning it takes a wider and shallower arc every time, often turning off-screen.

Once seven hits have been landed, Wild Sting is defeated, and three Banana Bunches fall from the sky for the Kongs to optionally catch.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Wild Sting Fling[2] -


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