Chomp's Coliseum

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Chomp's Coliseum
Level code 2-5
Game Donkey Kong Land
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Chomp's Coliseum[1] is the fourteenth level Donkey Kong Land and the fifth level in Kremlantis.


Chomp's Coliseum is comparable to Kremlantis Kaos in that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have to swim through narrow passages within an underwater ruins. It is a generic level and does not have any unique obstacles or gimmicks. Despite being named after Chomps and three appearing at the beginning of the stage, Gloops are the most common enemy in the level, and some of them swim parallel to each other. There are two DK Barrels in the level. The Kongs can collect some items within the holes and crevices of the area. A special TNT Barrel is found just before the level exit, and the Kongs can use it from the world map to destroy a barrier blocking the path to Nautilus Chase. Alternatively, the Kongs can obtain an explosive barrel from Snake Charmer's Challenge. Chomp's Coliseum is one of the few levels to not have any Bonus Levels.


From the start of the level, the heroes must swim east and watch out for some Chomps. They will come up to some bananas in the formation of the letters DK, which they should collect and move on. They will swim past a few more fish and have to sneak around some Flappers shooting up through the water. The Kongs must continue east, and travel between several generic fish enemies, as they swim through the ancient ruins. Soon, they will come up to the Continue Point, marking the halfway point in the level.

From there, Donkey and Diddy Kong must keep going east as they journey through the coliseum, and watch out for more fish and Flappers. After they get under a pair of Flappers, they will have to maneuver around several more fish, and later encounter another Chomp. They foe is alone, though, and can easily be avoided. The Kongs should travel a little farther to reveal the letter G surrounded by many bananas. They should collect the well-deserved items and swim up a little farther through the level, where the Kongs must squeeze between two fish. Once they pass these foes, the Kongs will see a portal. When they get into it, they will be transported out of the level. Completing Chomp's Coliseum does not unlock any further levels, although the Kongs can pick up a special TNT Barrel just before the level exit to destroy a barrier leading to Nautilus Chase.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

The letter K in Chomp's Coliseum
The letter K
  • K: Underneath two Gloops, and on a trail of bananas.
  • O: In a deep hole underneath a pair of Gloops.
  • N: In another deep hole, this time a Gloop swims directly above the "N".
  • G: The "G" is in a circle of bananas near a Chomps.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 海底遺跡2
Kaitei iseki 2
Undersea ruins 2
Italian Il colosso di Chomp[2] Chomp's colossus
Spanish El coliseo de Chomp Chomp's Coliseum


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