Rope Ravine

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Rope Ravine
Rope Ravine.png
World-Level 1-5
Game Donkey Kong Land
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Rope Ravine is the fifth level in the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong Land. It is also the fifth area in Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!, the game's first world.

In this chilly snow level, the Kongs will have to cross several very wide abysses. To cross them, they must use the help of ropes and barrels. These objects are found throughout the whole level. Luckily, Gnawties and Zingers are the only foes that will stand in the Kongs' ways during their adventure through this level. However, Zingers will be found very often while the heroes are gliding across the pits on ropes. If they bump into the giant wasps, the Kongs will fall off, and a monkey will be lost until a DK Barrel is broken.

Level Layout[edit]

When they begin the level, the Kongs must travel to the left and grab onto a rope. It will take them over to another rope. They should quickly jump over to this rope, and then ride to land. Traveling a little farther from here will take them to another rope. Once grabbed onto, the rope will move east and pull the heroes over a wide abyss. As it moves, though, they will have to jump over to two other ropes and also watch out for Zingers. Once they get passed the abyss, the Kongs must defeat two Gnawties and hop onto yet another rope. This one won't go too long, and they will have to soon jump to some barrels below them. With careful aim, they will shoot to each barrel and cling to another rope. This one will lead them to an area with the Continue Point.

Halfway through the level, the heroes must ride on the next rope they see and get over a large pit. Back on land, they will have to slide down a steep slope and grab onto another rope before they slip off of the platform they are on. The rope will take them to a barrel, which will then blast the group to the letter N on a platform. If the Kongs journey to the east a little bit more, they will make it to yet another rope. It will guide them to the following two ropes. As they ride along these ropes, they will have to move up and down on them to avoid several Zingers in their path. Soon, they will make it to a slippery area, which they should walk down to find a barrel. It will shoot the heroes to the letter G, and then to another barrel. With precise aim, the group must shoot through this barrel, following the nearby banana trial. They will end up on land again if they shoot to the correct area. Looking a little farther ahead, the Kongs will notice a portal. Once they jump into it, they will be taken to the seventh level with the option of the skippable sixth level.

Bonus Area(s)[edit]

  • After they shoot through the level's first three barrels, the Kongs will grab onto a rope that will take them to the letter O. After getting the letter, they should jump down to the area directly under it and land in a barrel. It will shoot them to the Bonus Area. There, they must cash in their Kong Tokens that they have collected for Extra Lives by hitting a nearby button. One of their tokens will fly out of the barrel when the button is hit, and they will have to catch it to claim the lives. When they are out of coins, the heroes will return to the main level.
  • Once the Kongs grab the letter N, they should look down into the small pit after them. If they jump into this gap, they will be caught by a barrel, and it will shoot them to a Bonus Area. At the special level, the group will have to swim around some underwater ruins, grabbing many bananas and Kong Tokens. Once done, they can exit by traveling to the left end of the bonus.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロープの谷
Rōpu no tani
Valley of the ropes
Spanish Recorriendo la cañada Traversing the ravine


  • This level and Tyre Trail can be completed alternatively -- i.e. either can be completed to progress further through the game, as both lead to Riggin' Rumble.
  • This is one of only two stages in which the player can go past a warp, to find an extra part of the level and a second warp. The other is Chomp's Coliseum.