Landslide Leap

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Landslide Leap
Landslide Leap.png
World-Level 3-6
Game Donkey Kong Land
Music Mountain
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Landslide Leap is the twenty-second level in the Game Boy game Donkey Kong Land. It is also the sixth area in the Monkey Mountains & Chimpanzee Clouds world.

This is the game's last mountain level. Unlike Mountain Mayhem, the level is more on the flat side, and the Kongs will not be climbing up the mountain, but going across it. The areas in Landslide Leap are filled with various pits and obstacles, including falling rocks. There are also many enemies scattered throughout the whole level. These include Kritters, Zingers, Mini-Neckies, Gnawties, Krushas, and Hogwashes, as well as Mincers, who only appear in a Bonus Area. Although these enemies are more of hazards to the level, Hogwashes can help the Kongs cross large pits by bouncing off of them. Expresso the Ostrich also makes a brief appearance here, although only for a short time in the stage's first Bonus Area.

Level Layout[edit]

Using a tire to reach a Kong Token

When they start the level, the Kongs must follow a banana trail off of a ledge and land on a Mini-Necky. They should travel to the right, then, and cross two small abysses. Without hitting any Kritters, the Kongs must continue to journey along the path and hop down a few platforms, which will be occupied by some enemies, including a Zinger. At the bottom of this area, they walk a little farther and jump up some ledges to find another abyss. When they jump across it, they must be cautious, as there are rocks falling all around them. After this, they will have to jump up some large platforms and pass to Krushas to end up on an even bigger platform. As they walk across it, they should beware of the rocks falling from above. The heroes must follow another banana trail off of a ledge after this, and travel to the east, but while jumping to several platforms. Soon, they will come up to a tire. They will need to bounce off of it and land on a Hogwash, bouncing off of it. The Kongs should land right onto the platform nearby, and then jump up a few more platforms to find a Continue Point.

Halfway through the level, the group must travel to the right and dodge several Kritters, as well as falling rocks. Soon, the Kongs will come up to a very wide abyss. To cross it, they must bounce off of the three Hogwashes flying in the center of it. Once on the other side of the pit, they must hop onto a few small platforms while jumping over Zingers. When they are out of this part of the level, the will have to jump up a ledge and defeat a Krusha with a nearby TNT Barrel. After they beat him, the heroes will come up to another area filled with several more small platforms. They must jump to each one, avoiding the Gnawties around them, and eventually making it to a big platform. They should travel a little farther here, and defeat some Gnawties to find a few more small platforms to hop over. As they jump to them, the Kongs must, as usual, watch out for falling rocks. Once they reach a bigger platform, the group will notice even smaller platforms ahead of them. They will need to get over each of these tiny platforms, and again, try not to be smashed by any falling rocks. When the heroes complete this area, they should travel a little bit more to the east and find a portal. It will take them out of the level.



K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

The letter G in the second bonus room
  • K: On a ledge reached by rolling a tire and jumping off it.
  • O: Obtained by jumping off a tire along the normal path of the level. Hard to miss.
  • N: Found beyond three Zingers and a Krusha.
  • G: In the second bonus room.

Bonus Areas[edit]

  • After dodging two Krushas and some falling rocks, the Kongs must follow a banana trail off of a high ledge. If they land the small dark spot in the ground, they will create a hole, and a rope will float out of it. As the rope ascends to the sky, they must grab on and travel to the Bonus Area. Here, the Kongs will need to walk into a barrel and be shot across an abyss to a crate. Opening it will reveal Expresso the Animal Friend, who must be ridden to cross the following abyss. As they glide over the pit, they should try to collect as many bananas as they can. Soon, they will land at an entryway. The heroes will have to leave Expresso behind and walk into it to exit.
  • Near the end of the level, the Kongs will see a Hogwash floating through the air. They should jump on this foe and bounce to the right, where they will land in a barrel. It will shoot them to the Bonus Area, where the heroes must cross a few pits by using Oil Drums located in the center of them. They will have to also watch out for some Mincers on the small platforms of the area. Once the Kongs grab what they need, they can exit the bonus by using a nearby barrel.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モンキー・マウンテン2
Monkī Maunten2
Monkey Mountain 2
Spanish Sorteando el alud Avoiding the rock slide