Kremlantis Kaos

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Kremlantis Kaos.png
World-Level 2 - 2
Game Donkey Kong Land
Notes This is the first level of the game that takes place in the underwater ruins of the world, Kremlantis.
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Kremlantis Kaos,[1] also known as just Kremlantis,[2] is the eleventh level of the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong Land. It is the second level located in the world, Kremlantis.

This level is the first of the underwater ruins levels in the game and is arguably the easier of the two. One of the main hazards of this level is the newly appearing Fangfish, who is stated in the game's manual to be bigger than the ape-eating Chomps. Several Flappers also make an appearance here, as well as a normal fish enemy, who can hurt the Kongs with one simple touch. Kremlantis not only has these obstacles, but a second Ending Portal as well.

This is the first level to not have any Bonus Areas.

Level Layout[edit]

When they start the level, the Kongs must swim through the water, going east. They will meet the first Fangfish as they travel between the ruins, and soon encounter a Flapper. At some point, the Kongs can swim down through a small gap and grab the letter K, although having to watch out for a Flapper as they grab it. They need to continue swimming along and dodge a few more Fangfish and Flappers. At some point, they will be able to swoop down under another Flapper and grab the letter O. After that, the heroes must avoid a some more Flappers, until they find the Continue Point.

Halfway through the level now, they should continue east and soon have to swim between three Flappers to grab the letter N. Once they get this, the Kongs need to keep going along the path. Eventually, they will find a small area with several Flappers. They must sneak around each foe and still travel eastward. When they are out of this tight space, the group must swim past a few more underwater enemies and later have to creep between a few Flappers to snatch away the letter G. After they dodge the villains obtain the letter, they need to continue along and soon find a portal. It will take them out of the level. However, if they swim a little farther, they'll find several bananas and Kong Token, as well as a hidden portal. The heroes can take it to exit the stage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 海底遺跡1
Kaitei iseki 1
Undersea ruins 1
Spanish Caos en las ruinas Chaos in the ruins


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